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Markey Wants TSA To Change Knife Policy

BOSTON — U.S. Rep. Ed Markey is pressing the Transportation Security Administration to abandon its new policy allowing passengers to carry small knives onto planes.

Markey on Saturday urged the TSA not to implement the policy, citing the opposition of flight attendants and federal law enforcement officers.

The policy goes into effect April 25. It will also allow passengers to include in their carry-on luggage novelty-size baseball bats less than 24 inches long, toy plastic bats, billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks and two golf clubs. Items like box cutters and razor blades are still prohibited.

Markey said in a letter to TSA Administrator John Pistole (PDF) that he is concerned about the safety of passengers and flight attendants and whether there was sufficient consultations with those who would suffer the most from an attack.

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  • Fisher1949

    Did Markey, airlines or flight attendants object when TSA decided to start groping our kids and shoving them into naked x-ray scanners? Not a chance.

    Two reports this week revealed that TSA failed to detect simulated bombs passing through security three out of four times and that TSA has issued airport credentials to at least 11 workers with criminal records allowing them unfettered access to any part of the airport.

    This makes 95 major security failures by TSA in less than 30 months and with a failure rate as bad as tests in Dallas in 2011, where the missed a loaded gun five separate times in a security test.

    So while the flight attendants whine about passengers being able to carry a miniscule pen knife aboard planes, they remain silent about major security failures that actually matter. If the peepants are terrified of a 2″ knife, then don’t fly and let us adults deal with them.

    TSA is a disgrace and needs to be replaced by local police who are real law enforcement professionals instead of the misfits and criminals that we have now. Markey needs to go as well.

    • Futo Buddy

      i know what need a s good sequestering the TSA we need to cut them. let the airlines provide security for their product and consumers can choose the level of security they desire with their wallets.
      i was in the termanal in dallas and an exasparated man blundered out of the security to join a friend who had been their for a while, he bewilderledly exclaimed :”they said i had TOO MANY TOOTHPICKS!” this raises all kinds of questions for me mainly how many toothpicks are too many? what the hell were they afraid he would do with “too many” toothpicks? lets end this charade

  • Futo Buddy

    they need to stop trying to find the little knives which i guess they fail at most of the time(like everything else they do). they need to focus on the real threat to our nation: 4oz bottles of suncreen. i like how markeys only reason was that some unions wanted it yet i wonder if he could explain the actual threat tiny knives pose.

    • Thinkfreeer

      I am a frequent air traveler (and I wish to end that -partly because of the TSA and partly because of the torture experts at the airlines who figure the smallest possible and least comfortable seating so they can cram as many sheep as possible on there). At one point I emptied the entire contents of my carry-on bag, which contains my computer, accessories, books, notebooks, loose change, etc, etc. Imagine my surprise to find a small pocket knife in there. TSA security theater didn’t find it for many flights (at least 4 months). I did not remember putting it in there. I probably could have been charged with a crime.

      • Futo Buddy

        did you ever see the video of the guy from mythbusters and the 12 inch razors he flew with unnoticed

  • Thinkfreeer

    Finally, the TSA allows just a few common-sense items, and leftist Markey goes ballistic. Anyone who would attempt to use a tiny knife as a weapon is either crazy or desperate. I used to carry a knife in my pocket at all times – as a tool. I could actually easily open packages. I carried on airplanes all the time, with only one problem at KCI – they thought I should mail it home. Now, I don’t even bother carrying a knife at any time because of the stupid rules. No Leatherman, either. What we need to ban is Markey in any public office.

    • Tommy Fox

      Wow. So somehow everyone on the planet knows that that the planes that crashed and killed 4 thousand people on 9/11 were accomplished by small blades, EXCEPT YOU.

      Just don’t post ANYTHING anymore. You aren’t smart enough. ~ So happy I didn’t use words like idiot of stupid. :)

      • Thinkfreeer

        Unfortunately, the moderators will not allow my desired response, you piece of something.

  • Futo Buddy

    it surprises me about the flight attendents union. i wonder if the membership voted on that position. I once watched a flight attendent use the little plastic wings they give to kids to try to open a case of waters. she saw me watching and said “this is all we can have”. i bet if you asked the flight attendents they wont mind too much

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