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57 Mass. Economists Back Patrick’s Tax Hike

BOSTON — Gov. Deval Patrick’s proposal to raise the state income tax rate to pay for investments in transportation and education has been endorsed by a group of more than 50 economists.

The economists, who come from public and private universities around Massachusetts, said in a statement on Monday that the investments are critical to the state’s long-term economic health. They added that the income tax is the most equitable way to raise the revenue needed for transportation and education.

Patrick has called for hiking the state income tax from 5.25 percent to 6.25 percent, while doubling the personal exemption and eliminating dozens of itemized deductions. He also wants to lower the sales tax.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo said last week he favored a “significantly smaller” tax hike.

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  • jaimetollins

    I’m sure there are more special interest groups you can add. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so insulting.

    • Marc Lamphier

      Oh yes, its all ulterior motives and special interests. Couldn’t possibly be a professional opinion.

    • Richard Hussong

      This reply makes no sense. Since when are “economists at public and private universities” a special interest group? And what exactly is”insulting” about either this factual report or the economists’ views on an economic issue?

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