Boston Taxi Industry Sues Uber Car Service

Two Boston cab companies have filed a lawsuit against the Uber car service, accusing the company of “operating a car-for-hire service in violation of state and city laws and deceiving consumers about fees, drivers, safety and insurance,” according to a press release announcing the suit.

The 35-page lawsuit was filed Monday in Suffolk Superior Court by Boston Cab Dispatch Inc. and EJT Management.

“Uber pays none of the substantial capital costs and expenses required to operate a legal taxi and livery car business in Boston,” said attorney Sam Perkins, of Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, who filed the suit on behalf of the two cab companies. “It uses a dispatch system that is not approved, ignores regulations that are essential to public safety and uses a payment system that illegally overcharges customers.”

Boston Business Journal first reported the lawsuit late Monday.

BBJ details:

Uber’s smart phone app allows customers to arrange, summon and pay for rides in so-called “black cars” operated by drivers who contract with the San Francisco-based firm. The app also allows users to summon participating taxi cabs.

BBJ adds that Uber has faced similar suits in San Francisco, New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.