Farewell, Fung Wah: Shuttered Bus Line Remembered In Parody Video

As a tribute to the discount bus line Fung Wah, the New Yorker published a hilarious little parody video set to Bob Dylan’s “Farewell Angelina.” Fung Wah had its service license revoked earlier this month after failing to cooperate with federal safety investigators.

The parody video, which was written and performed by Marc Philippe Eskanzi, is aptly titled “Farewell, Fung Wah” and reminisces on some of the best – and worst – stereotypes of the bus line. Like this gem:

“And the Freshmen from Harvard and Tufts and BC
Wave farewell to the Fung Wah
Where long distance lovers cried
Tears in polyester seats.”

But such nostalgia began weeks before this video’s creation. In the immediate wake of the Fung Wah shut down, one-time passengers of the beleaguered bus line set to Twitter to similarly reminisce on “the Fung Wah experience” using the hashtag #TheLastTimeITookFungWah. Some of those tweets echo lyrics in the parody video.

It’s almost hard to believe, but the examples of Fung Wah’s woes given in the parody video actually seem a little tame compared to the real experiences people shared on Twitter. Check out the video and the hashtag, and let us know what you think.

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  • wlipman

    To everyone who ever patronized Fung Wah: what were you idiots thinking? Were you idiots EVER thinking? You really thought a bus company could pay for fuel, buses drivers, and PROPER MAINTENANCE, and turn a profit on your $15.00 fare? If that were possible, everyone else would have done it years ago. For a bunch of educated kids, you certainly were pretty damn stupid–but no more stupid than your parents, who shop at WalMart and cannot see the damage they have done to this country by doing so. Price is what you pay, value is what you receive. You morons are lucky to have escaped with your lives intact.

    • http://www.thestreet.com Jason Notte

      Hey, remember when everybody not only lived, but forced Greyhound to come up with a similar low-priced service (Bolt Bus) and spawned a far safer competitor (Megabus)? Fung Wah was a horror show at the end, but that route from South Station to Canal Street changed bussing on the Northeast Corridor by setting the price to what its most frequent travelers were willing to pay and turning a dying transportation option into a viable volume- and value-based amenity for young travelers in Boston, NYC, Philly, Providence, New Haven, New Brunswick and all the stops in between.

    • http://twitter.com/cbgb84 cheri z

      there are a lot of morons who don’t have the $60+ to take another bus, or a train, or fly, troll.

  • Norma Nixon-Steinberg

    If You Love LIFE – Stay Away From Asian Businesses!

  • http://twitter.com/k_david k_david

    What’s the difference with you guys, I wonder? The Bolt Bus is doing gangbuster business on a similar model out here between Vancouver BC and Portland OR…
    Is it a cultural thing out there?

  • http://www.facebook.com/matelli Joan Charlotte Matelli

    “You got stuck in a toll booth because Fung Wah wha why?” Brilliant!
    I was never brave enough to ride Fung Wah, but I am grateful that it inspired many other competitive options to Amtrak and Greyhound. And now arty tributes, too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Janice-Valverde/507069685 Janice Valverde

    I begged my daughters not to ever take the Fung Wah to NYC when they were teens and college students! One of them was with me at a Mass. Pike toll plaza when we saw a Fung Wah bus laying on its side. That convinced her, I think. It’s surprising that they operated as long as they did. . . The saga of the Fung Wah would be so comical if it weren’t a threat to public safety.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rinn.1 Paul Rinn

    To the fellow who is so derisive about catching this bus (tossing around “idiots,” “morons,” and “get what you pay for” with an air of ignorant authority) Fung Wah was originally able to offer such steeply discounted prices by departing from the street (in Chinatown at 4am) as opposed to paying for a Penn Station/South Station berth. we did get what we paid for, namely, having to search around Chinatown until you saw other befuddled travelers and began to think, “I might actually find a bus . . .” Good times, but only in the rosy glow of memory

    As the years went buy they just NEVER bought new buses, so they started to be hilariously low quality

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