Russian Media On Bombing Suspects: Childhood In Kyrgyzstan, Hints Of Extremism

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From the major Russian newspaper Izvestia: Izvestia has learned that the suspect in the Boston terrorist acts, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, did come to America from Makhachala. But up until  age seven he lived in Kirghizia and you can only call him Russian with a big stretch — in Dagestan, Tsarnaev lived only a year. Tsarnaev hid from the police, but he was noticed in a Boston house, and the SWAT teams have already surrounded it and are preparing to storm it.

Translation of the paragraph below: Journalists and internet users have already found on the brothers’ pages some tidbits that could suggest their attraction to radical islam. For example, in the audio recordings of Dzhokhar are the songs of Timur Mutsurayev, a Chechen bard, who is banned in Russia because of the extremist content of his texts. Among the albums of Tamerlan Tsarnaev on YouTube is an album titled “Terrorist.”

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Carey Goldberg was a Moscow correspondent for the Los Angeles Times during the collapse of the Soviet Union. She currently writes for WBUR’s Commonhealth.

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  • urbaned

    Radical extremism + American lunacy= disaster

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003688612019 Michael Richards

      Twinkle twinkle little star, what you say is what you are…

  • yml bos


  • Regula

    And I just spent an hour last night reading a number of opinions on the very well organized English language website of the main Chechnian terrorist militia. The site can only be recommended, not for its ideological standpoints, but for the very important questions that these alleged terrorists asked in response to the many loopholes in the investigation by the FBI. Does that make me a terrorist? This is about the same as claiming that because Tamerlan Tsarnaev had on his YouTube list a song with the title Terrorist. What was the song about?

    Before you accuse a 19 year old kid of having planted bombs, it would be well worth to look at the analysis at infowar.com. There were at the Marathon numerous people from one of the US war contractors, who all had black backpacks, one of which who later on didn’t have a backpack anymore and who’s backpack matched visually the one showed in the FBI picture. But the FBI strictly refuses to look at the pictures although they are from the same Marathon clips as the FBI found theirs. That two brothers would plant two bombs, detonate them, seeing the horror and not even think of leaving from Boston, is beyond belief – surely, they must not have been the ones who planted the bomb. Nobody was allowed to see the clip which the FBI claims shows Dzhokar leaving his backpack. The entire accusations are at this point based on nothing but hearsay.

    A young man was shot by the police and a teenager is interrogated without presence of a lawyer, when he just awoke from a coma. It certainly leaves the FBI free hand to invent whatever they want as having presumably been said, admitted by Dzhokhar. This is not investigation and prosecution. This is a Stalinist show trial where the verdict was made before the bombs went off.

    • karnak58

      Do us all a favor, grow a brain before you try to pass this tripe on the internet. People have many sources of information and we do not need a logically challenged conspiracy nut guiding us through his delirium.

      • Regula

        Here is the jihadi website: http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/
        Go look at it, it is worth a look. Surely, unless you are a very insecure individual, looking at what the enemy thinks won’t radicalize you!

        You will then see that they get the most help to outsmart the US from the FBI itself

        For a very deep and insightful opinion on what the US intends with its belligerence, read Tom Engelhard’s article, now on atimes.com.

        Get some wider view before you accuse others because you are so afraid that maybe your blind faith in what the US authorities tell us is actually truye.

        • karnak58

          I stand by my original post. Do not assume that I have not read the material you are referring to, I just might understand it better.

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