Translation: Chechnya Leader Says Don’t Blame Us, Look To America


Business Insider carries the above Instagram statement from Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov. Like the uncle of the accused Tsarnaev brothers, he seems to be saying, “Don’t blame Chechnya.” Unlike the uncle, he also points the finger at America. The text above, translated from Russian:

Tragic events have occurred in Boston. As a result of a terrorist act, people perished. Earlier, we expressed our condolences to the city’s residents and the American people. Today, according to the media, a certain Tsarnaev was killed during an attempted arrest. If they had arrested him and investigated, they logically would have clarified all the circumstances and the degree of his guilt. Apparently, the special forces needed a result at any price, to calm down society. Any attempts to claim a connection between Chechnya and the Tsarnaevs, if they are guilty, are in vain. They grew up in the USA, their views and convictions were formed there. The roots should be looked for in America. The whole world should fight against terrorism. We know that better than anybody. We wish recovery to all the victims and share the groef of Americans.

Carey Goldberg was a Moscow correspondent for the Los Angeles Times during the collapse of the Soviet Union. She currently writes for WBUR’s Commonhealth.

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  • http://twitter.com/Soup_Tweets Can of Soup

    Time for Basketball Barry to phone-in a drone strike.

    • grendelUnderbridge

      Oh I get it he’s black and they all love basketball. Nice. Yo could have said Blacksketball. That would have been funny….to a degenerate like yourself. Also let me know what it is you disagree with, a black president or drone strikes. You kind of mashed up all your internetz trolling there so it’s unclear what you might be actually saying. Or was it merely “I dislike the president and also find myself witty” which has zero to do with the story.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dave.seaman.547 Dave Seaman

    This is a very angry statement. Clearly we all know that suspects aren;t killed without due process in America; this is an assurance that most of the globe cannot understand. I suppose however, that anger is an appropriate response; I am angry. The waste, the destruction of a time honored tradition on Patriots day, the dead children, and a dead suspect along with a suspect who may not survive depending on how long he stayed out there. His capture vindicates the death of the first; proof that we do not randomly choose to kill suspects as the statement above says.. Such a waste. Money. Time. School and work hours. Security in a community but most of all, human life.

  • xiaodre

    There’s nothing wrong with what he said. He condemned them. And they did grow up here. And we should all fight against terrorism and it’s brother, extremism. And Chechnya does have its own problems. The American law enforcement and justice system will take care this in our own way.

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