Poll: Most Mass. Residents Back Shutdown Of Area For Marathon Manhunt

BOSTON — A strong majority of Massachusetts residents agree with the decision to lock down the Boston area during the search for one of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers, according to a new poll.

The poll, from MassINC, finds that 91 percent of residents support authorities’ decision to implement a “shelter in place” request and halt MBTA service during the manhunt.

The survey of 500 residents was conducted April 23 to April 27, and its margin of error is 4.4 percentage points.

The poll also finds that respondents are more concerned about public safety than the potential for restrictions on civil liberties.

The MassINC Polling Group’s president, Steve Koczela, told WBUR residents might not be concerned about intrusions on civil liberties because the bombings were so recent.

“It just happened so it’s near to them in both space and time, and this number could potentially change in a year or two,” he said, “but right here right now, given what’s just happened, people’s concerns are really that the government won’t go far enough, rather than that they’ll go too far.”

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  • isarose

    I supported the lockdown in general, but I thought it went too far. The FBI never asked Brookline to lockdown, but they did anyway. There were other areas that didn’t need such stringency.

  • endmathabuse

    Often when there is an attack from an outsider, it becomes politically incorrect to question the actions or competence of the “authorities” until much later. The press certainly contributes to this. As a result, a city was shutdown due to a single, unarmed and wounded man.

    I’m sure many people view this as 20-20 hindsight, but so is the 20-20 hindsight used in complaints about why the FBI did not stop the terrorist before the first bombing or about VA Tech’s not locking down when it turned out the first two murders were the work a deranged person on a murder spree.

  • endmathabuse

    Where is the analysis in the press that supports the voluntary lockdown? How would one conduct such analysis and what criteria would one apply? Perhaps as a starting point, survey cases of behaviors and capture of other highly dangerous active shooters and bombers where there was no shelter in placeorder (most of them) or a limited lockdown and see how far the individuals traveled and how much damage a Boston type shelter in place order would have prevented.

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