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Visiting MIT Scientist Killed While Riding Bike

BOSTON — A Massachusetts Institute of Technology visiting scientist from Japan has been killed while riding her bicycle in Boston.

Police say a bicyclist was struck at Beacon Street and Charlesgate West at about 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

The cyclist, identified by MIT as 36-year-old Kanako Miura, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police describe her death as a hit-and-run and are looking for a garbage truck that may have been involved.

There was no word on arrests as of Monday.

MIT said in a statement that Miura had been at the university since the fall and worked at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

MIT President L. Rafael Reif expressed condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

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  • Futo Buddy

    how much longer will we have to pick up the paper and see these stories about people killed by bicycles. we need to ban bikes! think of the children!

    • Graham

      I hope this is a joke.

      • Futo Buddy

        more of a sarcastic rant. ed markey said this about so called “assault rifles” the other day. its obvious to everyone that it would be foolish to blame the bicycle in this case yet thats exactly what people do when someone is harmed in relation to a gun and they are serious.

        • Really???

          Let’s remember a promising woman who travelled half the world to contribute to contribute here. My sympathy to the family and friends of Kanako Miura.

          • Futo Buddy

            yes and the 9 others needlessly killed on bicycles in the city of boston alone this year.

        • Justin

          Except bicycles aren’t designed to kill. Tiny difference there. Using your logic, it would make more sense to ban garbage trucks.

          • Futo Buddy

            ROFL i almost put in there something about the “but they are designed to kill” argument being irrelevent. guns are designed for many reasons and more importantly it does not matter to the injured party if they are killed by pharmacueticals, dumptrucks or a person with a gun. next time i will point that out in advance. i dont know how many people are killed by garbage trucks but banning them makes exactly as much sense as banning guns. we ban bad drivers from driving them and imprison them if they commit a crime with them,like drunk driving. when someone does commit a crime with a dumptruck we dont blame the truck we hold the driver accountable and we dont try to ban dumptrucks.

          • Johan Corby

            Where did I say anything about banning guns? Seem awfully defensive. Also, what other reasons are guns designed for other than killing? Embroidery? Even if they are meant only to kill game, a gun is designed to kill.

          • Futo Buddy

            you said something about banning dump trucks. they are designed for many things shooting paper far away, harvesting game, personal defense, home defense, pest control and many other things none of which really count as “killing”. for example the gun i was shooting today is really not good for killing anything its too heavy to want to carry around very far in the woods and shoots a low power round, its really well suited to target shooting and plinking. rifles in general account for about 3% of all murders by criminals with guns yet there are many people discusiing banning certian ones, some rifles only because they are black. before you say “we could reduce deaths by 3% its worth it” that minority shot with rifles would just be killed using another method because its not the gun that decides to kill anyone its the human who has decided to kill. humans have proven adept at killing each other throughout history, even before guns existed. which leads me to the age old question “would you rather the people who get shot were just pushed out of windows instead?”

  • veritas78

    I could be wrong, but is the photo for Futo…, show a guy holding a rifle? I mean, I understand the need to over-compensate, but….really…..

    Reminded me of an old SNL play on the Lark cigarette ad….”Show us your guns!!!”
    Call me impressed. Hmm, nah, don’t.

  • Eric Herot

    Let me point out that this is one of the MANY MANY places in Boston that has a bike lane but where that bike lane ISN’T separated from the traffic even though it easily could be (because there is no on street parking that would be jeopardized).

  • Suzy Enos

    So sad to see this story. I hope this time we catch, and if appropriate, punish those responsible. The Wellesley result was a (second) tragedy.

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