Unlikely Catholic Church Reformer Tours U.S.

Father Helmut Schuller, at WBUR's studios (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Father Helmut Schuller, at WBUR’s studios (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

BOSTON — While reforming the Catholic Church has long been a topic of debate, there is a growing group of unlikely reformers — about 400 priests. They’re calling on the church to take steps — such as allowing women and married people into the priesthood — to deal with the shortage of priests.

One of the group’s leaders is an Austrian priest, Father Helmut Schuller.

Schuller was scheduled to speak at a Catholic church in Dedham Wednesday night but Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley banned him from speaking on church property. So he’ll be at a Unitarian church in Dedham instead.

We sat down with Schuller and asked him why he’s on this 15-city U.S. tour.

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  • M M

    The more things change the more they remain the same.This foolish priest reveals his ignorance of the faith The Church remains the mystical body of Christ not a man made eathly monarchy.
    Jesus named Peter as the head of His Church and promised the gates of hell would never prevail against Holy Mother Church.
    Holy obedience was one of the vows this priest should remember he took as a young man It is not his church or my church but we are part of the body of Christ and perhaps his time would be better spent at home in his parish administering the sacraments to his flock.
    The Church has survived 2000 or more years of our weakness and pride It is not reliant on our wisdom to survive the Holy Spirit continues to guide Her but what it does reqiure is our living out of the commandments that Jesus urged us to live out particularly the command to love our neighbour.

    • Ben

      This priest in not campaigning to change any article of faith or dogmatic or doctrinal issues but disciplinary and structural ones which can be changed for the good of the Church. What´s wrong with that? Can´t the Church change?

      • M M

        Ben this priest is going directly against the wishes of the late John Paul 2 in dragging up for discussion the old topic of female ordination.This saintly pope made it clear this was not a change that could ever be contemplated because it was not possible to go outside the model for priesthood laid down by Christ himself.
        Perhaps if the group he is part of feel their opinions are worth looking into they should request an audience with the Pope himself.
        Since the Pope is undertaking reforms of the Church’s structure and disciplinary procedures as we speak.

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