Minority Officers Group Calls On Boston Police’s Davis To Resign

BOSTON — A minority police officers group is calling on Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis to resign.

The Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers alleges that Davis’ department disciplines officers of color more harshly than white officers.

The group points to the recent demotion of an African-American detective, Jerome Hall-Brewster, for allegedly not following up on a case from last year involving Edwin Alemany. Alemany is now charged in last month’s murder of Amy Lord of South Boston.

The group’s president, Larry Ellison, told The Boston Globe that his organization on Tuesday night took a vote of no confidence in Davis and his second in command, Superintendent in Chief Daniel Linskey.

A spokeswoman for Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said he has full confidence in Davis.

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  • X-Ray

    Incompetence is incompetence, regardless of the skin color of the individual. In
    this case, it may have cost a life.

  • Teresa Rodriguez

    This organization is calling attention to the fact that the BPD is not committed to diversity in its leadership. Last Friday, Davis promoted 5 officers all were white men and only after complaints promoted two male officers of color to. Diversity is an after thought. Moreover, Davis violated the detective in question’s due process. Investigations should be complete, but officers of color should not be disciplined more harshly than white officers.

    • penucheBro420

      His incompetence killed someone. And he didn’t even get fired. And he was promoted after unlawfully arresting someone for videotaping him and costing the city $170K in a lawsuit.

      Every time a white man succeeds it’s not racism, also Ed Davis promoted men and one woman. Being black in the BPD sounds pretty great to me.

    • David F

      You neglected to mention the qualifications of those promoted. Were others with better qualifications passed over? Race has absolutely no bearing on a person’s qualifications for promotion. Promoting someone simply because of their race, is a disservice to everyone.

  • public_servant_watch

    Maybe if Davis was not so busy helping the Massachusetts and Federal government defraud America with the Boston Marthahon fraud crime in that city would be under better control. Shootings, robberies, rapes but he has time to defraud America and even worse be praised for it. He belongs at a defendant table in a federal court along with a slew of others!! A commitment to diversity in his leadership is the lesser problem; an attitude that he is entitled to impunity for alleged federal crimes is the bigger picture!!

  • David F

    The article gives the impression that there was a vote of no confidence due to one single incident. If that is the case, then I’d simply ignore anything The Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers has to say in the future. If it’s not the case than the article did them a disservice.

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