Interactive Boston Mayoral Map: Where Walsh, Connolly Won

BOSTON — Marty Walsh has defeated John Connolly in Boston’s first open mayoral race in a generation, 52 percent to 48 percent. This interactive map shows the city’s precincts won by Walsh (in red) and Connolly (in blue). Source: City of Boston unofficial results (PDF). Note: The map does not contain write-in votes, so the candidates’ percentages may differ very slightly from the city’s results.

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  • Athena Laines

    FYI you have Allston and Brighton neighborhoods labeled wrong. They are not split along the Ward 21/22 lines North & South but instead east and west. Here’s some help: Ward 21 P10-16 are Brighton and Ward 22 P1-2, 5 is Allston more or less. Please fix :)

  • patrick oleary

    …who knew that “a white irish catholic ”
    would be elected – predominently by the – less advantaged and people of color ..
    Congratulations Marty.. up Galway ..
    Be a JFK for the city of Boston –as we remember him at this time ..
    …its not “hip” to be positive about being Irish anymore ..
    prove the – biased and liberal Press wrong by doing a great job..
    also John Connolly is a decent “white Irish Catholic ” -
    sorry someone had to come in 2nd ..
    Best of Irish Luck to you all ..
    Thanks for a -sporting race !

  • frequentlyfemme

    Ward 11 precincts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are all Jamaica Plain.

    • http://texarrakis.com Gene Atwood

      growing up, everything on the other side of the orange line was roxbury. i’m not sure when the borders of jp started expanding outwards, but i keep finding myself shocked at how many areas are now known as jamaica plain o_o

  • Patrick

    Fantastic, Boston will continue its march to match New York; super wealthy elite and subsidized poor, with no middle class to speak of because, unlike I-Bankers, they can’t afford to subsidize the poor AND they can’t avoid the awful schools.