Audio Timeline: From 'Ask Not' To Cuban Missiles, JFK's Speeches

In our series, “November 1963,” we listen back to America’s 35th president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


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  • Defend Liberty

    Once dependent upon centralized authority, the tendency is toward more centralized planning, requiring more central control and on and on.

  • Chumba Wumba

    Where liberty thrives, our livelihood depends upon the usefulness of our unique talents, skills, and capabilities rather than the merits of our efforts as judged by those who rule over us.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Due to the limits of human reason and our own individual ignorance, the liberty school recognizes that centralized power should be limited.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    People are likely to remain unsatisfied with a vast civilization that neither satisfies our instincts nor appears to have predictable order.

  • Igor Shafarevich

    While democratic processes can support liberty, centralized bureaucracy and administrative socialism must inevitably restrict it.