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More Students In Amherst Treated After Drinking

AMHERST, Mass. — Amherst officials are reporting an increase in the number of intoxicated students requiring medical attention at the three college and university campuses in the town.

According to the Hampshire Gazette, fire department ambulances handled 84 calls related to excessive drinking during the fall semester, compared to 67 over the same period last year. Most of the calls came at the flagship campus of the University of Massachusetts.

Fire chief Walter Nelson says he’s troubled by signs that kids are drinking larger quantities of hard alcohol.

Police said there were 208 arrests or summonses for minors in possession of alcohol in the fall, up from 197 the previous year.

But there was also some improvement in students’ off-campus behavior, with fewer citations issued for things such as open containers and loud noise from parties.

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  • Sus@n

    Gee, maybe the State of Massachusetts should do something about it. Like expulsion for those that are underage drinking. UMass historically is a party school. They need to reel these little monsters in and hold them accountable for their actions. The caliber of education at UMass has deteriorated to the point that the school is a big fat joke! Anyone can now get in and graduate with little to no effort. It is an embarrassment to the higher education system.

    • Doubting_Thomas12

      Perhaps we should start revoking driver’s licenses for tickets of any kind, too! Show anyone willing to infringe upon any law that there are consequences!

      Lol I’m not so sure expelling anyone who drinks is reasonable. Perhaps expelling people stupid enough to drink to the point where they require a hospital visit to recover would be a better place to start that conversation…

      Cold hard truth is though, people have a lot less respect for the law now. We’ve shown in the past six years that it only matters if you’re not powerful enough to get away with whatever you’re doing. So hold off on the rape, grand theft and any murders you want to commit until you can buy off a judge or a senator.

      • Sus@n

        It would only take a few expulsions at UMass before a great deal of morons stop the drinking – the underage ones especially. Those that live on campus are by far the underage population.

        Those that go to the hospital should be expelled at the very least, they should also be mandated to take classes on the dangers of alcohol poisoning/

        People do have a lot less respect for the law, and it is quite pathetic. Too many people feel that they are entitled to do certain things without consequence and sadly it is reinforced with the court system/judges/legislature.

        As for losing licenses – yeah, i think those that are still on junior operators licenses should for the most part lose their license when they break the law. I think quite a few deaths could be prevented.

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