Report From Gun Law Task Force Due Out

2/4 update: Report: Mass. Needs To Tighten Its Gun Laws

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BOSTON — A new report expected to spark proposals to change state gun laws is due out Monday from a legislative task force.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo appointed the task force following the 2012 massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

“I have learned that while Massachusetts has some of the strongest gun laws in the country, there is room for improvement,” DeLeo said last week while outlining his goals for the legislative session.

He gave no indication of what the group’s recommendations would be.

Police seized six illegal guns over the weekend in Boston, which has seen a sharp rise in gun violence over the past month.

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  • fun bobby

    one thing is for sure none of the laws they will pass will have anything to do with the number of guns they seize in Boston or the crime there. Just more unconstitutional restrictions for the already over regulated lawful gun owners. We need to end our jim crow “may issue” gun control scheme that is racist and elitist.

  • fun bobby

    our shall issue gun laws are racist and illegal. modern day jim crow

  • Hamilton Hackney

    The WBUR coverage this morning disappointingly only presented comments from gun control advocates and not from gun owners as well. We need more balanced reporting on this issue, starting with how byzantine and convoluted the curent laws are. Gun ownership in MA has dropped 80% since the legislation was passed in 1998 because these laws make gun ownership incredibly difficult, but gun violence rates remain the same (except suicide, the suicide rate has increased – victims are using other means to end their lives).

    • fun bobby

      gun homicides and injuries are actually way up since they made those laws which reduced legal owners by 80%

  • fun bobby
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