Gov. Patrick Seeks Increased Funding For Youth Initiative

BOSTON — As part of an effort to fight crime, Massachusetts officials want to increase funding for a statewide initiative to create opportunities for young men in high crime areas.

Gov. Deval Patrick, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and other state and local officials got an update Tuesday on the status of the Massachusetts Safe and Successful Youth Initiative.

Darius Parker, one of 1,300 statewide who’s received help from the initiative, said it has helped him with housing, a job and more.

“Even like changing my wardrobe so that I could go to an interview and be presentable,” he said. “Basically it helped me change my life around.”

The initiative — which focuses on areas high in youth-related homicides and assaults — is targeted at men aged 14 to 24 identified as possible victims or perpetrators of violence.

“The Boston Police Department, in response to a string of particularly violent string of episodes, put together a list of individuals who they feared were likely to be the perpetrators of gun violence, victims of gun violence or the person behind the person driving the violence,” explained Roy Martin of the Boston Public Health Commission.

The interagency program started in Boston in 2010 and is now operating in 11 cities across Massachusetts.

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  • Helen McR

    I only read the first line and got disgusted. WHY not include young women? They don’t count? If you want money to help (people) in high crime areas, you need to include females also. Discrimination? You think only young men get into trouble and need help……

  • LeftShooter

    Maybe an inspiration from classical economics could apply:
    according to (Sir Thomas) Gresham’s Law, “bad money drives out good money.”
    What the Governor and Mayor might do first is to incarcerate all of those “bad pennies”
    in the neighborhood that have pending charges against them so that the “hopefuls”
    might have a chance to thrive in an environment relatively free from their
    influence. I’ll bet the neighborhood would prove safer for all of its inhabitants, too.

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