Recovering Addict Receives Unexpected Help

Heroin-related arrests and overdoses are climbing across western Massachusetts. The trend includes small towns that haven’t seen serious IV drug use in decades. But some people are trying desperately to kick the habit. New England Public Radio’s Karen Brown has been following one addict as he tries to rebuild a life with some unexpected help.

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  • Denise Marie Colby

    This is such an awesome story. I am a recovering addict myself and I know first hand how valuable someone like Nina can be in our lives. God bless you Nina and stay strong Lance. WE DO RECOVER!

  • Bob Ruppert

    The actions of Nina are truly remarkable, her help is even more wonderful considering she was a victim. As a person who has had to help a relative with addiction, it can be a long road. In my case it was close to ten years before the better path was taken and it is a continuing process. The article in the Boston Globe about these events, I am happy to see, reported all the facts that these addicts while not wanting to be criminal can truly be so. Almost every home and business in Turner Falls was robbed (not by Lance but the addicts), a restaurant closed after such an event, the victims never fully recover their losses from insurance or overcome the fact that their homes were violated. More and more people even like Rand Paul are realizing that early treatment can be better for society than incarceration – I hope it becomes so. When I was helping my relative, getting a treatment spot was few and far between. Thank you Nina, remember her help, Lance!

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