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Up To 14 Years For Undocumented Immigrant In Milford Dragging Death

WORCESTER, Mass. — A man from Ecuador convicted of dragging a Milford motorcyclist to his death under his pickup truck has been sentenced to up to 14 years in prison.

A judge Monday sentenced 37-year-old Nicolas Dutan Guaman after clearing him of a second-degree murder, but convicting him on other charges including vehicular manslaughter in the August 2011 death of 23-year-old Matthew Denice.

Prosecutors say Guaman was drunk and driving without a license when hit Denice’s motorcycle. Denice was dragged even as witnesses banged on the side of Guaman’s pickup.

Guaman was living in the U.S. illegally and the death sparked a debate in Massachusetts about immigration enforcement.

Judge David Ricciardone presided over the jury-waived trial in Worcester Superior Court.

Guaman’s lawyer said his client was unaware Denice was pinned in the truck’s wheel well.

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  • ned

    ain’t diversity grand!!!

  • Lawrence

    Although I am against providing any benefits to illegal immigrants etc.. I do not think this is an immigration issue. It’s drunk driving issue.

    Doesn’t really do anything to support or reject the immigration debate.

    That’s like saying when an illegal immigrant does something good we support their cause? And when something like this happens then it’s reason to deny their cause?

    There are many concrete reasons to make that decision, I just don’t see how this is one of them.

    • ned

      tell that to the parents of the 3-year old who was recently slaughtered here by a drunk illegal who slithered off into the gathering crowd and tried to blend in. the politicians (and others) who helped him come and stay here have some blood on their hands.

      • Lawrence

        The parents of that girl would be too emotionally involved to be objective.

        So, according to your stance, would the politicians ( and others) who have helped illegals come here deserve an award if an illegal does something like save a child from a burning building?

        Immigrants who violate Federal law are by definition are criminals, no doubt about that. But this particular situation does not make them more or less so.

        • ned

          the illegal should be awarded with prompt deportation.

          • Lawrence

            All illegals.

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