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Gov. Patrick Signs Minimum Wage Bill

BOSTON — Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a law raising the state’s $8 per hour minimum wage to $11 per hour – a high among U.S. states – by 2017.

Patrick told a Statehouse ceremony on Thursday that the new law would provide some relief to low-income workers, while noting it would still not be a “livable wage” for many Massachusetts residents.

The first increase in the minimum wage, to $9 an hour, will take effect on Jan. 1.

Activists had gathered some 350,000 signatures around the state to put a minimum wage increase on the ballot had the law not been passed.

President Barack Obama praised Massachusetts lawmakers last week for “standing up for working men and women.”

The measure also would gradually raise the minimum wage for tipped workers, such as restaurant servers.


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  • Terdferguson

    I really regret moving to this wannabe Marxist state.

    • Peks35

      Not everyone appreciates the best education this country has to offer. You don’t like the state, leave it. Simple as that.

      • Terdferguson

        What a simple minded and short sighted answer. Clearly, your mind is a result of such a wonderful education system. Just keep blindly following your dear leaders and lashing out at those who disagree. If you feel a weird, warming feeling today, it’s probably Mussolini’s ghost giving you a big hug.

        • Peks35

          No one lashed out. It’s okay though, I wouldn’t expect you to understand the difference between a comment and lashing out.

          Again, I don’t want you to regret anything in your life. You regret moving here. Leave. Me, I’d prefer to raise my kids in a state that leads this country in education.

          See, we need improve education throughout this country. Your comments are direct proof of that.

          So get angry, get upset, and comment away with your ridiculous accusations. No one cares what you think. This state is probably better off without you anyways. George McGovern, NEVER FORGET!

          • Terdferguson

            That’s funny you copy what I say about you and think it’s somehow an original, witty statement. You replied to me, which contradicts your childish statement that no one cares what I think. Being contradictory and un-original, all while touting a liberal, cheeseball, phony. I am not surprised. You drank the Kool aide long ago, and it would be too damaging to your ego to do any critical thinking at this point. So keep towing that line, we wouldn’t want you to over exert that precious mind if yours.

          • Peks35

            Simply calling anyone who disagrees with you a liberal seems like the standard agenda on most of these sites. It actually makes me laugh reading your responses.

            I never voted for Patrick, I actually disagree with about 90% of his decisions. I think he’s a terrible governor but this is one decision I can get behind.

            I worked hard, paid my way through college, and now get paid well to do something I love. I was never raised to be greedy so when the government wants to increase minimum wage, I am all for that. You cannot act like you know how this will impact the economy until it is implemented. Site all the studies and evidence you want but each instance is unique with many different circumstances.

            I just hope one day, for the sake of people around you, you can learn to have an open and intelligent discussion with people. Simply dismissing people because they don’t agree with you is ignorant. It makes me feel like I’m listening to a Hannity segment.

          • Tim McNamara

            It ‘s pretty insincere and ignorant to dismiss well founded economic concerns just because our State happens to be rich in secondary education opportunities. And to Terd, you’re not doing much better in this conversation.

          • Terdferguson

            Yes Tim. I know. My screen name is a reflection of my expectations for random internet arguing.

          • Peks35

            No Tim, my original comment was telling him that if he doesn’t like the state, move the heck out.

            He is probably supported by the state in one way or another otherwise, why stick around if you hate it so much?! Makes no sense. I am not here to argue about what the greedy will always refuse to see. I am here to tell him, you don’ like MA, which has more benefits than disadvantages, then leave. It really is that simple.

  • J__o__h__n

    Why not give tipped workers the full wage increase to $11 and get rid of tipping?

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