Mass. Is 1 Of 4 States With A Full Fireworks Ban

BOSTON — Driving through the state recently, you may have noticed signs, like the one below, reminding motorists that consumer fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts.

“While fireworks may be purchased legally in other states, it is illegal to bring them into or through Massachusetts,” State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan said in a mid-June statement announcing the message boards, which have been up off and on over the last two weeks.

Massachusetts’ fireworks ban is well-known here, but residents might not know how rare such a law is. Only four states ban all consumer fireworks, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. (Hat tip to The Washington Post for this data.)

(derekskey/Flickr via Compfight)

(derekskey/Flickr via Compfight)

The three other states that ban all fireworks are also in the Northeast: Delaware, New Jersey and New York. Six other states also have more targeted restrictions, allowing only sparklers and/or other novelty fireworks.

The Post reported:

About 11,400 people were treated at [U.S.] hospital emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries last summer, according to CPSC estimates, with about 65 percent believed to have occurred from June 21 to July 21.

Coan, the state’s fire marshal, is a firm backer of Massachusetts’ ban.

“Our strong fireworks laws and public education efforts here in Massachusetts are effective in reducing fires and injuries from fireworks,” he said in the June statement.

He added, as an example:

Some fireworks are legal in Washington state which has about the same size population as Massachusetts. They experience almost twice as many fires from fireworks, and have 45 injuries from fireworks for every one we experience here in the Commonwealth.


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  • Roger Tyson

    “Inappropriate Fireworks”:


    [A 2 minute comedy video!]

  • sounder

    You can carry a gun but fireworks are too dangerous?

    • rockhauler

      when i lived in WI i had one blow up in my hand. ok, alcohol was the culprit. how was i to know the fuse was bent in half instead of just my just seeing double?

  • A2er

    I used to live there; maybe I should move back. Here in Michigan, thanks to a GOP legislature, it’s like a war zone with heavy bombardment 24/7. But some small group of people are stuffing money in their pockets…and passing some of it to the politicians as ‘campaign contributions’ (e.g. legal bribes).

    And the rest of us are paying higher health insurance premiums for all the injuries.

    • X-Ray

      We in MA also sell government jobs. And many of them are of the “no-show” variety.

      • A2er

        Here we just give the rich and corporations tax cuts and they can hire their buddies, family, etc. for no show jobs. Much neater and keeps the money ‘in the family’. The ‘private’ salaries are much higher than those ‘public’ ones and there’s no public scrutiny to boot!

  • rockhauler

    fireworks are illegal in MA? you couldn’t tell that by my neighborhood. it seems every weekend in the summer is a time for competitive displays. fortunately it’s over a lake. people have fun, cops don’t interfere, and it would mean ostracism to complain. however, i really don’t like the sudden booms of dynamite sticks (or whatever they are) – they remind me of adults replaying their adolescence just to make noise. but – oh- maybe they’re the same ones with the repeaters at the nearby shooting range who spend their sundays destroying ours.

  • Rocker

    Nanny states suck

  • El Capitan

    While redistributing wealth may temporarily equalize conditions, it does so by grinding the gears of progress to a torturous halt.

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