MIT Student Is The Youngest To Fly Solo Around The World

Matt Guthmiller (Courtesy Matt Buthmiller and Limitless Horizons)

Matt Guthmiller (Courtesy Matt Buthmiller and Limitless Horizons)

BOSTON — Matt Guthmiller, 19, has become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe alone by plane.

The rising MIT sophomore, who’s studying engineering in Cambridge, landed Monday night in California. He flew about 27,000 miles over 44 days.

Guthmiller took off in May from San Diego in a single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza.

Before he departed, Guthmiller talked about the trip with Radio Boston.

“I think it’s going to be exciting and hopefully I can inspire some other people to go out and do similarly ambitious things,” he said.

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  • X-Ray

    Congrats to Guthmiller! Alert Guinness.

  • downtown21

    Totally irresponsible for any media outlets to give press and publicity to anybody looking to set a new “youngest to…” record. These records shouldn’t even be kept any more. This guy’s an adult, he’s 19. But eventually an 18-year-old will want to break his record. Then a 17-year-old. Tragedy is inevitable. STOP REPORTING THESE.

    • Guest

      yes, this will help youngsters from doing dangerous/irresponsible things

    • X-Ray

      Flying is safer than driving. Of should we defer that until adulthood?

      • downtown21

        A ridiculous question since I never said he shouldn’t be allowed to fly. I said the press shouldn’t be promoting that he set a record, when by definition it’s the kind of record that can only mean whoever wants to break it has to be younger and LESS EXPERIENCED than the current record-holder.

        By the way, I believe you’re thinking of the statistic that riding as a passenger on a commercial airliner is safer than driving. Are teenagers piloting those planes unsupervised?

        • X-Ray

          One assumes that you would prohibit a press promotion becuase it would advertise a dangerous adventure, not to be repeated by others. So, I suggested the relative safety of the activity being engaged in. That would majke your complaint a non-sequitur. QED.

  • Ized Fohssil

    Collectivism’s intellectual fraud is partly illuminated by the observation that, since we’re all different, collectivist attempts to impose equality require that each of us be treated unequally.

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