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Patrick ‘Sick Of’ Violence Against Unarmed Black Men

BOSTON — Gov. Deval Patrick, who has periodically addressed race relations during his tenure as governor, said on Wednesday he is “sick of unarmed black men being shot by police” in his first public response to the shooting by a police office of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

“I’m sick of unarmed black men being shot by police. I’m sick of the lawlessness on the streets. I think everybody’s just tired of ‘When are we going to get through with this kind of thing?’” Patrick said.

The state’s first black governor, and the former civil rights chief for the U.S. Department of Justice, Patrick said he is “hopeful” with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s arrival on the scene.

“But that’s a really tough mission that he set out on and I know that from some experience,” Patrick told reporters during his first public appearance this week in Greenfield, according to a transcript of his remarks.

When asked why in 2014 the country is still dealing with race issues, Patrick said, “Please, that’s an existential question and I don’t have an answer to it. I think that we have a great challenge in this country acknowledging the extraordinary progress we have made on race relations, much of it in my life time, and at the same time acknowledging how much remains to be done.”

And when asked if he would have handled the situation in Ferguson differently, Patrick said, “Well, I’m glad I don’t have to.”

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  • X-Ray

    The remarks made by Governor Patrick on the situation in Ferguson are
    prejudiced and premature. The facts of the situation are still not established
    and the scenario of the policemen’s actions being justified because of an
    aggressive attack by Brown has been supported by several witnesses. To assume
    that it is an racial and unjustified shooting, as Patrick has indicated, is a
    jump to judgement and shows a biased attitude. Wait for the facts to be known
    and let the local, state and federal justices systems work. Patrick is meddling
    in a matter which is still too fluid and his comments just riles the waters even more.

  • Phinneus

    As usual our guvernator, King Colon, makes ridiculous statements. Is he not concerned about the regular shootings in parts of Boston that go unsolved? Is he not concerned that the minority community is too entrenched in mistrust to report what they know about killings in their neighborhoods? How about it Doovieeeee are you concerned that over 90% of black murders are committed by other blacks?? Might you take an interest at why the Fox-Bartley law is never enforced in this Commmonwealth?? Have you even heard of it guvernator?? Are you not concerned that this incident is just a bit out of your jurisdiction?? Howz about being concerned that this comment indicates you appear just a ‘bit biased’. No need to get into all of the other parts of your hilarious ‘administration’ that have turned brown and smelly, thanks to the personal touchof King Colon. All of these attributes make you ‘highly qualified’ for the White House! [LMFAO]

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    oh how sad how, all innocent enemies of G-D are being commanded to kill each other like in syria, africa and etc… but G-D does not command their enemies to kill each other, because of racial motivation in your bigoted ways of seeing it. when you are selected by plagues of hell and death, because you are all the enemies of G-D. when a black skinned person is selected for hell and death, in cancer, alzheimers, e-bola, and etc you don’t scream it’s racially motivated. any more than you scream it’s racially motivated, when ten times as many white skinned enemies of G-D, are commanded killed by their black skinned enemies. but sure scream racial motivation, when G-D commands their jewish, or black skinned enemies into slavery. but all scream unfair, when G-D commands a plane filled with their enemies, is commanded to be shot down by their other russian enemies in Ukraine. as all of you enemies of G-D, falsely declare your innocence siding with the subtle enemy talking beasts of the fields in adultery of other g-ds. because you all allowed these subtle talking critters of the fields, to teach you how to be the enemies of G-D again here in THEIR Giving This Same story again. G-D’S Son on earth again – does not want to hear your complaints, about how unfair G-D’S justice is to all of their innocent enemies.

    • J__o__h__n

      Shouldn’t that be S-N to be consistent?

  • Joe Schmoe

    Im sick of deval patrick being a useless POS governor…

  • crafter1

    He’s sick of lawlessness on the streets? Has he seen the videos of the lawlessness in Ferguson? Has he seen the lawlessness in Pittsfield, MA, his home state, and the perpetrators committing the lawlessness? He should have waited until all the evidence has been reviewed before commenting.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    hell and death, does not care what is your race, creed, or color. it only cares if you are the taught enemy of G-D, here in THEIR giving this story again. in this world where any taught enemy of G-D can be selected, as an instrument of hell and death to their other enemies. and just how are you going to falsely claim, the enemy of G-D robin williams was racially motivated? when all are worshiping in the taught religions, of the subtle talking critters of the fields again.

    • J__o__h__n

      Give money to god. Apparently he needs to buy a vowel.

      • CompleteAphasia

        I think that’s a Jewish thing, with that particular spelling…

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    well i am sorry, when G-D commands any of their nobodies here in THEIR Story enemies to kill their other enemies. you! do not get a say so in this just because you are white, brown, red, yellow, jewish, or black all vanity, vanity, vanity.

    when this is no more racially motivated by G-D, than their syrian enemies being commanded to kill each other. being the taught alleged innocent enemy of G-D, does not give you with immunity against the command of G-D.

    this whole world again, here in THEIR giving this same again story. are all taught liars of the subtle talking critters, of their diverse fields again. and they shall lie to you, in every which way possible as innocent enemies of G-D.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    yes i know why, you all try to project there are innocent enemies of G-D here in THEIR same again story to their taught as enemies. in order to protect your delusions, of self pretend innocence as enemies of G-D also.

  • Lawrence

    Any needless violence is intolerable. Why choose only Unarmed black men who were shot by police?

    How about the many white police or others shot by black men?
    How about the many black men and women shot by black men?

    The 4th of July weekend in Chicago alone there was a rash of shootings. Why did Gov. Patrick not speak out against that violence as well?

    He is right this violence has to stop. But all of it, not just under these circumstances.

  • Bruwer

    Matt Murphy – when was you last time investigate black males violence against old age elders, children, robbery people out their lunch break, killing people for penny, looting, bank robbery? not very a long time, an university professor come out his office during day light (12:30 pm) got killed by 2 black thugs, we see no liberal reporters, no NAACP, no DOJ, no FBI… so, new it is open season for black males committed violence against society but get away?

    • CompleteAphasia

      Absolutely true!!

  • CompleteAphasia

    In two more generations America will be through. Filled with gangs like Chicago, decayed and dying cities, broke governments, street violence, legal pot users, crowded jails, ruined environment, worthless currency, greedy plutocrats, corrupt politicians, etc. etc. etc. We will have become a third world country by absorbing and breeding a sufficient amount of third worlders to destroy us. And let’s not forget the loss of a moral compass here – in fact the complete loss of the concept of morals and sin by all but a few, who are now fleeing somewhere, anywhere…

    • Lawrence

      Broke governments, are the result of greedy plutocrats and corrupt politicians who take bribes from Big Corp. then in turn vote for the corp. not the people. There goes the environment, income disparity, violence. legalization of mind-numbing drugs, casinos and all other extracting forms of “economic development.”

      Special interests are bleeding our country dry. $4 Billion to Israel alone. Millions more to corporations and Big Pharma and Wall Street who control the White House. We are indebted to China who we borrow billions from. And now Obama wants $4 BILLION to process illegal aliens who came here after he broadcast the special status granted to those under 18 YO who enter illegally.

      This gives rise to all of the other problems you list. Yes, we are fast becoming a third world country. I can see it happening. The income disparity is just one example.

  • ShawnSzentmiklosy

    Deval Patrick is black? Thats news to me.

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