Market Basket Walkout ‘Goes Against Everything You’ll Find In Any Textbook’

BOSTON — Ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas is back at the helm of the Market Basket supermarket chain, and customers and workers are flooding back to stores to celebrate what they consider a victory in their six-week uprising.

Daniel Korschun, a Drexel University professor who is conducting a case study about the Market Basket saga, which is considered by business analysts to be unprecedented, joined WBUR’s All Things Considered to discuss the deal. Listen to the full conversation above.

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  • Earl Henson

    Loyalty going BOTH ways is “unprecedented”? Wow so sad for most employees of many companies.

  • cateyes

    So glad MB is back wooohooo!!

  • Smitty

    It’s too bad (and so sad) that the general business community today has lost sight of what made the United States the wonder that it used to be after the second World War–a country that took it’s adversity and turned it to advantage–and allowed it to pour aid and comfort into the countries of Europe after that war.

    The formula back then included taking care of the workers that made a company what it was–the same formula that Sam Walton used to build Wal-Mart, AND the same formula that the grandfather of both Arthur T. and Arthur S. used to build Market Basket. It’s too bad that Arthur S. lost sight of that–but it’s wonderful that Arthur T. didn’t.

    It’s also wonderful that Arthur T. did get control of Market Basket, because although he isn’t without fault in the feud, he is going to be able to continue showing what that philosophy can do. He already has in a way because HE was the cause of the boycotting of the chain by both workers and customers alike.

    Market Basket is now a one-of-a-kind example of how a company that takes care of both its own employees quite generously and it’s customers with low prices still can succeed. Market Basket can and will come out of this stronger and better. You better believe it!

  • willie washington

    Notice how mum the business channels and conservatives are on this issue? Think about it, how many times do you watch the business channels and here these people speak of the employees. Everything they speak of is “Share holder value”. Without good employees, nothing the companies due over time will generate shareholder value. The company stock continues to up and the workers salaries don’t. Business shows are nothing but prostitutes for the corporations just like the politicians.

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