As It Unfolded: Election Day In Mass.

See how Election Day 2014 unfolded in Massachusetts. Latest on top.


Wednesday Morning: Coakley Concedes

Martha Coakley has called Charlie Baker and conceded.


Recap: Baker, Moulton Among Winners

Charlie Baker greets supporters at his election night rally in Boston. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Charlie Baker greets supporters at his election night rally in Boston. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Republican Baker Elected Mass. Governor

Newcomer Moulton Cruises Past Tisei In 6th

Voters Keep Casinos In Mass.

Mass. Voters Back Earned Sick Time Law

Other Winners: Sen. Markey; Reps. Tsongas and Keating; No Gas Tax Indexing

Other Losers: Bottle Bill Expansion, Scott Brown

– And check out our town-by-town maps for 13 Massachusetts races.


Despite Race Call, Coakley Asks For Morning

Charlie Baker took to the stage at his party after 1 a.m.


AP Calls The Governor’s Race For Baker

For what it’s worth, pollster Steve Koczela had been saying the same.


Coakley: No Concession Tonight


‘Yes’ To Q1: Gas Tax Will No Longer Be Indexed To Inflation


Scott Brown Has Conceded In N.H.

The AP called the race long ago, but then…

Now, with about 80 percent of precincts reporting, Brown has conceded. He’s speaking here.


The Margin Needed For A Recount

As we watch the close governor’s race, The Associated Press reports:

Depending on how close the totals are in the Massachusetts governor’s race, the losing candidate could request a recount.

State Secretary William Galvin said that if the total margin of victory is one half of 1 percent or less, the losing candidate could request an accelerated recount process. That would require the candidate to collect several thousand signatures.

Galvin, as the state’s top elections official, would order the recount.

If the margin is more than one half of 1 percent, the candidate would have to collect 10 signatures in each precinct in the state — a much higher bar.

There is no automatic recount process in Massachusetts.


Baker Jumps Back Ahead Of Coakley

The closeness of the race has at least one Baker supporter praying:

Charlie Baker supporter prays as Baker's lead fluctuates. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Charlie Baker supporter prays as Baker’s lead fluctuates. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

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