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Andrea Shea

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Andrea Shea is a long-time reporter working for WBUR. She started working for WBUR on Here & Now and now works as the arts reporter on Morning Edition.

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Meet The Independent Film Festival Boston's New Program Director

April 23, 2014

The Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFB) kicks off Wednesday and runs through April 30. Andrea Shea spoke with Nancy Campbell, the new program director.

Maine Painter In New Documentary Dies After Struggle With ALS

April 19, 2014
Self-portrait. (Courtesy Alpha Gallery)

Jon Imber is seen as a New England master by many, and may be best known for his abstract expressionist landscapes.

Bostonians Pause In Quiet Cultural Spaces On This Anniversary

April 15, 2014
free admission at old south meeting house

More than a dozen Boston-area cultural institutions have been collaborating on a project called #BostonBetter, creating a series of events and spaces for reflection on and around the anniversary.

In ’102 Hours,’ Graphic Designers Use Icons To Tell Marathon Bombing Story

April 11, 2014
(Courtesy Tank)

The designers behind the book “102 Hours” say their goal was to distill the essence of the story, “and then tell it in a way that transcends language barriers and that isn’t sensationalized.”

How Art Is Helping Heal Boston A Year After The Bombings

April 11, 2014
Artist Evan Gildersleeve recently presented a painting he created on the day of the marathon, titled "Boston Hope Lives On," to Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross. (Courtesy Michael Lutch)

A number of Boston-area organizations are holding arts events to help communities reflect and hopefully heal. “All of these forms — including the arts and including the public events — are ritual ways that a society moves through, and enacts, and comes to terms with changes and loss,” explains therapist Vivien Marcow-Speiser.

Boston Public Library Opens Marathon Memorial Exhibit

April 07, 2014

Mayor Marty Walsh called the exhibition a “tribute” to how the community comes together when tragedy strikes.

Running Shoes Are Potent Symbols In Marathon Memorial Exhibit

April 07, 2014
One of nearly 300 pairs of sneakers left at the Copley Square memorial. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Unlike something created in response to the bombings — a note, collage or piece of artwork — curator Rainey Tisdale says the running shoes are different because they already had deep personal meaning before they were left at the memorial.

Go Poe! Fate Is Set For Statue Honoring Horror Writer’s Boston Roots

April 03, 2014
A sculpture of Edgar Allan Poe, the horror master who conjured creepy classics such as “The Tell Tale Heart” and “The Raven." It will be unveiled on Oct. 4. at at the intersection of Charles and Boylston Streets. (Courtesy Stefanie Rocknak)

The tale has been years in the making, but it appears the fate is set for a public sculpture of native son Edgar Allan Poe.

New Berklee Recording Explores Tension And Talents Between Mentors And Mentees

March 28, 2014
Christian Scott is one of the musicians Bill Banfield discusses working with in the past. (Courtesy Berklee College of Music)

“Playing With Other Peoples’ Heads,” by Bill Banfield’s Jazz Urbane, explores the complex relationship between mentors and mentees through collaboration in jazz.

String Quartet Plays Brahms Without The Printed Page

March 26, 2014
From left to right, Rebecca Fischer, Jonah Sirota, Hyeyung Julie Yoon and Gregory Beaver of the Chiara String Quartet. (Lisa-Marie Mazzucco)

The young players in the Chiara String Quartet have challenged themselves to perform and record iconic compositions from memory.

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