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Lisa Tobin

Managing Producer, Program Development, WBUR

Lisa Tobin is the managing producer of program development. In that role, she is developing new programs at the station and experimenting with audio and its delivery on digital platforms. She oversees the iLab, the space for incubating new ideas at WBUR,  and its fellowship program.

Her background is in both radio and digital – having started her public radio career working as a news writer at WBUR before becoming the station’s first dedicated web producer. She helped in the station’s transition to a digital news operation before returning to radio as a field producer for Morning Edition. She is also the founder of Audiofiles, a site that curates the best of public radio storytelling.

She graduated from Tufts University. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she lives in Cambridge.


Recent stories

Dear Sugar, Episode 15: How Do I Stop Lying?

June 29, 2015

The Sugars take on a letter from a young woman who is a habitual liar — telling her friends about imagined experiences of rape and loss. The lying always seems to happen at a moment of emotional connectedness, when the letter writer wishes to share her feelings of sadness and depression, but struggles to find the right language to do so.

Dear Sugar, Episode 14: How Do We Forgive Our Fathers?

June 21, 2015

We all know the narrative of the good father. That’s the father we all want, but it’s not the father we all got. The Sugars take two questions on fatherhood — from a new father who fears that his depression will be felt by his baby daughter, and from a young woman who yearns for a deeper connection with her distant father.

Dear Sugar, Episode 13: More Money, More Problems

June 13, 2015

Money makes us crazy. In this episode, the Sugars take questions from two letter writers struggling with complicated relationships to money. The first, an aspiring playwright, feels guilty about all the advantages that her parents’ wealth has provided to her. The second, a divorced mother, is unable to control her spending and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Dear Sugar, Episode 12: The Wounded Child Within

May 24, 2015

Are we ever able to fully let go of our past? The Sugars address a letter writer grappling with that essential question. At 68 years old, she is troubled to recognize that her life is still being influenced by her early experience with an alcoholic father. The Sugars are joined by a Freudian psychoanalyst, who also happens to be Steve’s father.

Dear Sugar, Episode 10: When Friendships End

May 02, 2015

Friendships are different from any other type of relationship in our lives. They are purely voluntary, and so can feel more tenuous. Do you tell a friend if you are unhappy with the relationship, or do you just leave? And if you do leave, how do you break up with a friend? In this episode, the Sugars field questions from two letter writers who both feel exhausted by a friendship, and want out.

Dear Sugar, Episode 8: Big Love (Polyamory And Its Discontents)

April 04, 2015

The Sugars field questions from two letter writers in polyamorous relationships, facing two very different challenges. One woman is feeling guilty that she is taking more advantage of the arrangement than her husband; the other has fallen in love with her polyamorous boyfriend and now longs for monogamy.

Dear Sugar, Episode 3: The Deal Killer

February 07, 2015

The Sugars explore the deal killer — the thing that turns out to be the limit, that is too much for a relationship to withstand. They field questions from a woman tiring of her boyfriend’s severe anxiety, a grieving young woman whose boyfriend is jealous of her dead ex, and a man deeply ashamed of his obsessive desire to make a woman pregnant.

Dear Sugar, Episode 2: The Two Stories We Tell

January 23, 2015

The Sugars explore the two stories we tell — the story of how we want to be seen, the public self, and the story of who we really are inside, the private self. They field questions from a feminist struggling to reconcile her stories in the wake of an emotionally abusive relationship, and from a twenty-something virgin who has spent her life letting her family write her story.

Dear Sugar, Episode 1: Meet The Sugars

December 10, 2014

In the pilot episode, the Sugars field questions on a father’s infidelity, how many children is too many, and whether a relationship can survive when one partner is smarter than the other.

Give Thanks For Kindness With A Postcard

November 17, 2014
Postcard Front

Are you thankful for an act of kindness in your life? From now through Friday, November 21, you can send a personalized postcard to anyone you want to thank, on us.

Views Of A Frozen Charles River

February 07, 2014
charles 1050

Some days the frozen river looks like an abstract work of art, some nights it looks like the surface of the moon.

A Comedian And A Coder Walk Into A Room…

September 20, 2013

Baratunde Thurston says comedy and technology make for a powerful combination — and he’s bringing the two together for a Comedy Hack Day this weekend at the MIT Media Lab.

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