Heat Wave Broils Southwest04:43


Texas saw another day of triple digit temps Friday-- with no relief in sight. A drought has turned parts of the Southwest into dry, desolate and sometimes dangerous landscapes.

If this drought extends into next year as expected, officials say it would be the worst dry spell in 50 years.

The demand for electricity to power air conditioning units is expected to approach a maximum today. Utility companies have warned customers to prepare in the case of rolling black outs.

Authority's Command Center in Plano, Texas is monitoring highways for signs of motorists in need of assistance on roads which can reach temperatures of 142 degrees.

At the North Texas Tollway Authority Command Center in Plano, Texas, sensors that were installed on highways initially to monitor freezing conditions in the winter, are now being used to help keep drivers safe during the heat wave.


  • Marty Lege, systems incident manager at the North Texas Tollway Authority's Command Center in Plano, Texas

This segment aired on August 5, 2011.

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