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A decade later the repercussions of the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center continue to be felt on a daily basis by ordinary New Yorkers.  Officials say there's a possible terror threat for NYC and Washington D.C., and there will be increased security in both those cities amid Sept. 11 remembrance ceremonies.

Reporter Jon Kalish says Sept. 11 changed the lives of New Yorkers in big and small ways. Kalish spoke with a few of his fellow New Yorker's about how the events on that bright Tuesday morning in 2001 transformed their daily routines.

  • 45-year-old Christopher Purser is a courier in Chelsea who says New York City has changed a lot. "It used to be fun being a courier, but now you have to go through a whole lot getting into buildings where you have to deliver. And you have to show more than one piece of ID now and you have to state who you are and sometimes the security guards don't trust you."
  • Joe Shastay, a firefighter in Jersey City, says he loves fishing in the waters of New York City. But some of his favorite sports are now off limits. "We used to fish inches from the shore of Liberty Island and now there’s about a 125-yard barrier of buoys. You can’t go past those," he said.


  • Jon Kalish, reporter

This segment aired on September 9, 2011.

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