On McChrystal Comments, Gen. David Petraeus Conspicuously Silent

Gen. David Petraeus, Commander of the United States Central Command. (Getty Images North America)

Since the tempest surrounding the top commander in Afghanistan began yesterday, Gen. David Petraeus, the head of the United States Central Command (US CENTCOM), hasn't said anything about the matter.  Not a word.

In an email message, the general's spokesperson confirmed Petraeus has not made a public statement, adding he doesn't plan to comment any time soon.

As Petraeus noted in March, US CENTCOM "oversees the U.S. efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq and the assistance to Pakistan, as well as a theater-wide campaign against al-Qaeda."

In other words, Afghanistan falls under his purview.  It's part of his portfolio.

Two hours ago, CENTCOMNEWS tweeted this to its 2,578 followers: "SecDef #Gates issues statement on #McChrystal Rolling Stone profile"

(That link goes to the statement by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, which CENTCOM has re-posted on its website.)

It seems curious that Petraeus -- who has a habit of answering his own email messages, who regularly addresses civilian and military audiences -- hasn't weighed in.  Does he want to keep his hands clean?

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