Afghan President Karzai Presents Challenge To U.S.



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Shortly after the fall of the Taliban, Hamid Karzai was picked to be Afghanistan's interim leader. At the time, he seemed to be a good choice: He's a Pashtun from Kandahar; he came from a good family; his father was a highly respected leader; and the young Karzai displayed an optimism and a patriotism for this country. But over the years, Karzai has proved to be both a wily politician and a difficult ally for the U.S. Those who have known and worked with him over the years say Karzai is a troubled man who can hold a grudge. Others say he's been tasked with almost impossible goals, including erasing rampant corruption and trying to create a robust central government. Now into his second -- and final -- term in office, Karzai is concentrating on his legacy. That doesn't make him any easier to handle as the U.S. tries to implement its new strategy in Afghanistan.

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