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Drum Roll Please: All Songs Considered Listeners Pick The Year's Best Music

This is our favorite time of year at All Songs Considered. For one, we love to argue with each other over which albums and songs are better than others. During one recent debate, editor Stephen Thompson tipped his desk over and screamed, "Long live Horse Feathers!" Bob threw his shoe at me. And I just sat in the corner, hugging my knees and rocking back and forth chanting, "Admiral Radley, Admiral Radley," over and over. Hey, we love music!

But more than the debate, all of this year-end coverage gives us a chance to rediscover albums we'd forgotten about or find new songs and artists we may have completely missed.

All Songs Considered listeners nominated hundreds of artists and albums, and cast tens of thousands of votes for their favorites. In the end, Arcade Fire's The Suburbs was way ahead of everything else, with The Black Keys, The National, Mumford and Sons and Broken Bells rounding out the Top 5.

On the latest edition of All Songs Considered, we count down and play cuts from the Top 25. You can also read and download a pdf of the Top 100, as selected by All Songs Considered listeners.

Thanks for sharing another great year of music with us, and for being the best listeners a show could ever hope for.

Now, have at it everybody! Download a pdf of the Top 100 Listener Picks.

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