A New Mom, Bjork's Dad And The President Of Iceland

Heiða Dóra Jónsdóttir with Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, the president of Iceland. (David Kestenbaum/NPR)

On today's show: The Planet Money team heads for Iceland with the help of Baldur Hedinsson, our Icelandic intern.

We get there just before the big election, when the people will vote to decide whether to pick up the tab for mistakes bankers made before the financial crisis.

Heiða Dóra Jónsdóttir — 29 years old, new mom — is trying to figure out how to vote in Iceland's big election.

To make her decision easier, we set up interviews for her with everybody we can think of. Including the president.

For more:

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Read Baldur's post, "Should I Pay For Bankers' Mistakes?"

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