You Asked For It...Winning #PieWeek Recipes

Bubbe Pavone's Honey Caramel Peach Pie (Bubbe Pavone)
Bubbe Pavone's Honey Caramel Peach Pie (Bubbe Pavone)

Last week we shared photos from NPR's in-house regional pie contest hosted by our Pie Week pioneers at The Salt and Morning Edition. Whether it was the lighting, or a summertime sweet tooth, many of you requested that we reveal the recipes.

First and second place winners Jessica Pavone in NPR's development office and The Picture Show's Claire O'Neill handed over their now award-winning recipes, and even shared the back story on these tasty treats. Enjoy!

I grew up in the Northeast, in a Jewish-Italian clan; I'm a Yankee through and through.

Fortunately, the world of pie is not geographically bound.

I was drawn to this Southern recipe because I love peaches and I love to make caramel—an exacting procedure that leaves no room for error.

Easy Peasy Key Lime Squeezy
Easy Peasy Key Lime Squeezy

In baking, following every step to the letter is important. But following your instincts is important too. I hate a pie that's too sweet or cloying, or one whose composition is really uneven. The peaches in this pie offer a natural solution to both problems. They provide a wholesome sweetness and a nice textural balance.

- Jessica

Jessica Pavone bakes under the nom de sucre "BubbePavone." Visit for more information.

"There was a pie contest at work for our upcoming #pieweek coverage. The idea was to pick something regional — and though I initially had very ambitious plans for something pecan-y or savory, I got lazy/cheap at the last minute."

- Claire

Claire O'Neill writes the foodzine "The Runcible Spoon," where this recipe is also available.

It's half way through Meat Week and Pie Week is just around the corner, beginning on Monday, so follow the conversation using the hashtags #meatweek, #pieweek and @NPRFood on Twitter.

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