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Our panelists answer questions about the week's news: First up: Ninth Meal.

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Right now, panel, time for you to answer some questions about this week's news. Brian, nutritionists and weight loss experts now claim the best way to lose weight and lower your cholesterol is to do what? It's slightly counterintuitive. I'll tell you that.

BRIAN BABYLON: It's actually to eat more.

GROSZ: That's right. We're looking for a specific number though. I'll give you a hint. Take the three square meals a day you eat and square that.

BABYLON: Oh, you need to eat at least six meals a day.


BABYLON: You need to eat least eat nine meals a day.

GROSZ: There you go. That's right.

BABYLON: Nine meals a day.



GROSZ: Yep, very good. It turns out that eating many small meals a day, instead of just the traditional three meals, is actually the real secret to appetite suppression. And that's because it keeps your blood sugar level steady, and because you're eating nine meals a day.


ADAM FELBER: So Taco Bell was on the right track.

GROSZ: Oh yeah, but they didn't go far enough, apparently.

FELBER: They only went to fourth meal.

GROSZ: Well that's the thing is if you're really paying attention and you want to do it right, you got to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and then you have to make room for brunch, blunch, slunch, slupper, linner, brepper and dunch.




GROSZ: Also, an interesting...

FELBER: And why are you serving me that? That's not a blunch food.


GROSZ: Yeah, exactly. Well, wait ten minutes and it'll be blunch.


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