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Our panelists answer questions about the week's news: TeleBiebers.

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CARL KASELL: Attack of the 50-foot Radio Show.


SAGAL: But now some questions for you guys about the week's news. Roxanne, with the Lincoln biopic a big hit in theaters, ABC is developing a new historical sitcom based on the early life of whom?

ROXANNE ROBERTS: Is it a former president?

SAGAL: It is not a former president.

ROBERTS: Is it of the era of Lincoln?

SAGAL: It is not.

ROBERTS: So, basically, you're saying it could be anybody.

SAGAL: I am, in fact, saying that.


BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT: Is it someone who drove a Lincoln?


ROBERTS: OK, I'm going to - the early history of Joe Biden. The early history of...

BRIAN BABYLON: That would be a horrible sitcom.

ROBERTS: Justin Bieber.

SAGAL: Yes, Justin Bieber.






ROBERTS: I tried to pick a young person.

SAGAL: You got it. It's Justin Bieber. Canadian toddler Justin Bieber...


SAGAL: The number one sex symbol among people who do not know what sex is...


SAGAL: ...rose to stardom at a young age. Now ABC wants to examine the pre-pop star days in "The Justin Bieber Story: Zero and a Half Men."


SAGAL: You may be thinking, hasn't he always been famous, his whole life? Well, he had those 9 months in utero, after all, and didn't have a big hit until "Push It," his sexy jam about his time in the birth canal.


BABYLON: I would be on that show like his crazy middle-aged black friend, who just...


BABYLON: Come on, Justin, man, you got to believe in yourself. OK, yeah.


GOLDTHWAIT: That's pretty good.

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