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Female Jumpers Celebrate Olympic Berth05:55



On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee approved women’s ski jumping as an official Olympic event for Sochi in 2014. In an interview with Bill Littlefield, Women's Ski Jumping USA's President DeeDee Corradini said the move was a long time coming.

“Were still pinching ourselves, that this is actually for real and we don’t dare actually get excited yet.”

Two years ago, female ski jumpers sued the Vancouver Olympic Committee for inclusion in the 2010 Games. At the time, the International Olympic Committee said that there weren't enough skilled jumpers to justify inclusion in the Olympics.

The 2009  lawsuit was unsuccessful, but Corradini says the court case laid the groundwork for this week’s move by the IOC.

“These women were ready for Vancouver 2010; there is no question in the minds of the experts, the coaches, the jumpers.  I understand their taking that perspective because they told us no, and you have to have a reason to say no.  But we are just very thankful that it's finally happened.  We made it.  That's what's important, and now we look ahead.”

Click on the listen link above to hear the full interview with Deedee Corradini.

This segment aired on April 9, 2011.

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