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The NBA Playoffs With Kevin Hench03:47


The Lakers stumbled during the last two weeks of the regular season. The Celtics and Spurs are getting older. Will the NBA's more experienced squads be able to withstand the onslaught of the young whippersnappers? Bill talks to Kevin Hench of about the NBA Playoffs.

After 82 games, the NBA season is finally over. In the Eastern Conference, the Celtics have aged and the Knicks are inconsistent, and may not get past the second round. In an interview with Bill Littlefield, Kevin Hench of says that he thinks a Heat-Bulls Conference Final is all but a sure thing.

“You’ve got a guy in Dwyane Wade who singlehandedly won a championship, a guy in Lebron James who singlehandedly got a team to the finals, and shadow of the guy who used to be Chris Bosh playing with them. I just think that that experience is going to be the difference in Conference Finals against the Bulls.”

In the Western Conference, Hench still thinks the Lakers are the team to beat despite their late season skid and Kobe Bryant’s slur.

“If the Lakers have proven anything it’s that they know when to flip the switch, except on Kobe Bryant’s mute button when the camera is on him. I don’t think the Lakers have a lot to worry about in that first round matchup.”

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This segment aired on April 16, 2011.

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