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Houston Looking For Another NFL Playoff Win03:50


Last weekend, the Houston Texans picked up their first playoff win in franchise history by beating the Cincinnati Bengals. On Sunday, they'll face a perennial powerhouse, the Baltimore Ravens. Karen Given spoke with Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle to see what he thinks about the upcoming game, but first, she asked him how the city of Houston responded to their first playoff victory since the Houston Oilers skipped town.

"The city was crushed when the Oilers left town," Solomon said. "Our favorite sons are Earl Campbell and coach Bum Phillips. They didn't leave out of lack of support, they left because the owner and the mayor couldn't come to an agreement on building a new stadium, so the city is rejoicing."

On Sunday, Houston will play their eight straight game without Matt Schaub, their Pro Bowl starting quarterback. Replacing him has been T.J. Yates, who went from a 3rd-string rookie to the starter on a playoff team within a span of two weeks following injuries to both Schaub and second-string signal-caller Matt Leinart.

"No one expected him to play," said Solomon. "Schaub was injured, the next week, Matt Leinart was injured in the first half, but he has been calm, fairly cool, and he has played extremely well."

The game is a rematch of Week 6, when the Ravens trounced Houston 29-14 in Baltimore. However, Solomon expects this game to be closer.

"The Texans most effective downfield threat, Andre Johnson, was injured and didn't play that game," he said.

Johnson, who played last week against Cincinnati after missing 9 of the previous 12 games, is reported to be 100% healthy for Sunday's game.

Solomon said that Houston does have a slight psychological advantage over Baltimore. Because Baltimore is the favored team, there's a chance that they will look ahead to the next game, or even the Super Bowl. Houston, meanwhile, is playing with nothing to lose.

"They're so focused on this game," Solomon said, "that I do think they get a slight advantage. Whether it plays out or means anything come game time - it probably won't, but after the game we'll say that it did."

This segment aired on January 14, 2012.

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