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Male Decline in the 21st Century?24:00


Women on the rise. Men on the wane. We look at the shifting gender roles in the 21st century.


In Western society, world society, men have ruled the roost more or less forever.

Lots of girl power, too. Lots of strong women making it all happen. But men in the big saddle.

My guest today says that right now, in our time, that may be changing. Women are now the majority of the American workforce. The majority of American managers. The majority, by a long shot, of new college graduates. And still surging.

Fortune 500 CEOs? Overwhelmingly male. But watch out, says Hanna Rosin.

This Hour, On Point: She calls it “The End of Men”.Guests:

Hanna Rosin, contributing editor at The Atlantic. Her new article "The End of Men: How Women Are Taking Control--Of Everything" appears in the new issue of The Atlantic.

Thomas Edsall, political editor at Huffington Post, and professor of journalism at Columbia University. He was a political reporter for the Washington Post for 25 years.

This program aired on June 22, 2010.

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