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The State Of Air Travel45:54


Jacki Lyden in for Tom Ashbrook

We’ll check in on the state of air travel and how to land some good deals ahead of the holiday weekend.


If you’re taking to the skies this season you’re probably thinking about reaching for the Tums before you’ve even booked your trip. But how did you book it and what’s in that fare?

As airline fees go up and up on everything from bags to boarding passes to cancellation policies , we explore how to navigate an increasingly impenetrable system. And while we’re at it—figure out where the last good cheap deals are around the globe and around the country.

This hour On Point: Decoding how to get their without suffering. Even fly free. And where to go for cheap.
-Jacki Lyden


Pauline Frommer, the creator of the Pauline Frommer Guidebooks, a new series for budget-conscious travelers. Her daily travel blog is here.

Frank Jackman, deputy managing editor of Aviation Week.

Nicholas Kralev, author of Decoding air Travel: A Guide to Saving on Airfare and Flying in Luxury.

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MSNBC "If you received an email today from Delta Air Lines confirming your round-trip flight from New York’s JFK International Airport to San Francisco for the week of Nov.  26, don’t drop everything to start packing your bags."

L.A. Times "Florida-based Spirit Airlines, the only airline in the nation to charge passengers for carry-on luggage, now charges nearly $34 to book a round-trip flight online."

AAA "AAA and IHS Global Insight expect that automobile travel will account for approximately 90 percent of total travel this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday period. About 38.2 million Americans are expected to travel by automobile, a forecasted increase of four percent compared to Thanksgiving 2010, and that is right in line with the expected increase in overall travel. Automobile travel is still the preferred choice for travel as it is often more affordable, more convenient, and more flexible."

This program aired on November 21, 2011.

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