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Mitt Romney, The Bain Years09:00


WBUR continued our series on Wednesday of stories on "Romney's Roots In Massachusetts." We've been looking at the Bay State's history with Mitt Romney: how his career in business and his time as governor shaped who he is today as he campaigns for the presidency.

Romney is a former management consultant who made millions at the Boston private equity firm, Bain Capital. And he's campaigning hard on those business credentials. Romney was a corporate turn-around specialist, and on the stump he talks about how he would turn-around the American economy. Speaking to Fox News on Tuesday, for example, Romney said:

"I look at adding about 11.5 million jobs in four years. That's associated with about 4 percent GDP growth. I also see us having our spending as a percentage of the GDP down from 25 percent of GDP down to 20 percent. Those are numbers. The vision is different than just numbers."

WBUR's Curt Nickisch has been following the story and will stop by Radio Boston to talk about Mitt Romney, the business man.


  • Curt Nickish, business and technology reporter, WBUR

This program aired on November 30, 2011.

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