WBUR Changes Weekend Program Lineup

Update: In response to listener feedback, WBUR has revised the weekend program schedule.

WBUR is making some weekend programming changes starting Saturday to make it more convenient to listen to some of your favorite programs.

This means you’ll be able to hear Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me earlier on Saturdays, at 10 a.m., following Weekend Edition Saturday. Your favorite car guys will remain in the 11 a.m. time slot with Car Talk. And at noon, you’ll hear Ira Glass and This American Life. And if you happen to have missed Wait, Wait at 10 a.m., you can still catch it again at 2 p.m. every Saturday.

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  • http://jeffjuly@comcast.net Jeff

    Another voice for leaving well enough alone. Although in theory we’re no longer dependent on the broadcast schedule and can download programs and listen whenever, since there still is a broadcast schedule unfolding in real time, the new plan just doesn’t make sense.

  • Dianne Haley

    I wonder if our feedback to you makes any difference at all. Missing “Speaking of Faith” today saddened me: it has been such a nice follow-up to the Marsh Chapel Service, as others have noted. DOES the immediate and heart-felt feedback from your listeners make any difference, or does “listener supported” just refer to money?

  • M. G. McBride

    In a market with numerous theological schools, Speaking of Faith always seemed like a smart part of your schedule. I was a regular listener and will miss it.

  • Liza A

    I am happy about the change in time for “Speaking of faith”. I wish the service program would also be moved to an earlier time slot. I always used to think Sunday was the worst day on radio. Now that’s going to change.

  • Susanne Meterko

    I was so disappointed to not tune into Speaking of Faith this afternoon. 6am is way too early to focus on this wonderful show when I’m still half asleep on Sunday morning.Car Talk was in a better time slot on Sat evenings. Also, my husband and I were enjoying Moth Radio in the evening; is that coming back? He’s also disappointed that he’s missing Wait!Wait! now in the new time slot.

  • Brenda Dostie

    I think the new schedule is disappointing. I listen to wbur pretty regularly, and we donate monthly. Now, there is LESS interesting programming because you have decided to re-run many of the programs that already are being broadcast. I am very sorry you made these changes!

  • laura campbell

    Radio lab and Speaking of Faith, my two new favorite shows. Is this fixble?

  • laura campbell

    Too bad

  • Jennifer

    Why the changes? Is it a funding issue? I liked the schedule the way it was, except Radio Boston which covers the most boring topics. I live in Boston and I’m sure there’s more interesting stuff going on here than all that.

  • Suzanne

    I am VERY unhappy with WBUR’s scheduling changes. I’m also disappointed to think WBUR management would have listeners believe the changes are “to make it more convenient to listen to some of your favorite programs”. To repeat another listener’s questions–Is ANYONE happy with the changes? And are they all budget-related? If not, how were the choices made and why? I strongly request WBUR return to the previous weekend schedule. I miss Speaking of Faith and the second broadcast of Weekend Edition. Scott Simon’s programming is exceptional. While Wait, Wait…is entertaining, we don’t need a four time replay. I love Car Talk, but three times is a bit much. ELIMINATE Con Salsa. Do the replay’s then. And, please continue Marketplace Money, On the Media, Radio Lab, The Moth Radio. If you continue your current programming, WBUR listeners (and contributors) will find other stations to support.

  • Jenny Allen

    “Speaking of faith” is my favorite program of the week, and 6am is not going to be feasible. I do hope enough people will echo my feeling and that you will return the program to the Sunday at noon slot.

  • Nicole

    I think BUR is making a BIG mistake with moving Speaking of Faith to 6:00 a. m. I HATE car talk – get is off the air it is replacing a peaceful, meditative show with a truly annoying show that hurts my ears- turn off the radio every time I hear Car Talk or change the station. WBUR is letting the community down with this change.

  • John Hudson

    I had been seriously considering becoming a newsmaker contributor but now am not so sure given your seemingly wacky and illogical schedule changes. If this is about $, say so. If this is about somehow going toe to toe with WGBH say so. But don’t make like you are doing listeners a favor. Why oh why did you move “Speaking of Faith” from its time slot? By burying it so early in the am you may as well have canceled it. My concern is that you’ve kept it on to pay lip service to spirituality and faith but aren’t really serious about supporting it as a show. Noon on Sunday was perfect, especially as a follow up to the radio service. I hope you’ve noticed your change of the time for SOF has garnered more protest than any other move you made. Please consider moving it back to where it belongs on Sundays. Thank you from a regular contributor.

  • Mary Haskell

    Scott Simon on Weekend Edition Saturday (WESAT) is not just about getting the news. It is about the way Simon does the news and the topics he chooses. He is brilliant, nuanced, funny and charming. He is THE BEST of current radio and TV. I had hoped when WGBH switched to more talk radio this week that between WBUR and WGBH there would be more opportunity to hear Scott Simon –and now there is less!!
    Can’t WBUR and WGBH work together on your schedules to give more, not less, choices to your viewers. It is not improving our listening experience to switch from one of you to the other only to find the same program.

  • http://foosing@msn.com Steven P.

    Weekend edition needs to be repeated at 10.


    There is really no other news on the weekend

  • sheila

    I love Wait, Wait and never listen to Speaking of Faith, but I have to agree that 4x for Wait, wait is excessive and SoF was a natural after the Sunday service. Also, repeating the first hour of Weekend Edition always seemed like smart programming that offered your listeners welcome flexibility on busy mornings.

  • Paula

    I LOVE Wait Wait (I am absolutely evangelical, always trying to recruit new fans) but PLEASE don’t short-change SCOTT SIMON. He is warm, brilliant and one of the best radio interviewers on the planet. REMEMBER – we have to keep up on the news to know why WAIT WAIT is so funny!!!

  • Eric Herot


    I love Wait, Wait, This American Life, and Car Talk as much as any NPR listener (probably more so!), but you have made Sunday a complete re-run of Saturday at the expense of some truly unique programming! I’m about as a-religious as they come, but I always looked forward to hearing Christa Tippet’s window on the world. Not to mention Scott Simon and Living on Earth (two other shows I really enjoyed) coming on late enough that I could actually hear him. And I personally always found Marketplace Money a lot more applicable to my own life than the regular weekday Marketplace (though the latter is still one of the best and most informative economics shows out there).

    WBUR, bring back our old programming!!!

  • http://WBUR.org Elaine Melanson

    I am very unhappy with the weekend schedule changes. Speaking of Faith at noon and Living on Earth afterward were perfect. Also the new schedule is too repetitious for us regular listeners. Please reconsider these changes!

  • mesha51

    You’ve messed with the weekend schedule way too much over the years, from dropping Whaddya Know? to now burying Speaking of Faith and LOE (again). Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me you think so much repetition, repetition is wanted, wanted! An while we’re at it, I vote lets get rid of This American Whiner, though I know this is a minority vote. But minority, majority, you seem not to care anyway.

  • Margaret

    WBUR is becoming the Boston tabloid radio station. What are you doing to the high quality weekend programming? Until this weekend, our radio was always turned on and tuned in to BUR (except Sat at 10 PM) If it’s money, tell us. If it’s money, look for additional funding sources. If it’s money, have longer fund drives. The shorter drives have been welcome, but not worth the expense of losing excellent programming. Please return to the original weekend schedule.

  • Mark

    I was very disappointed to hear the iconic laughter of Cartalk when I turned on the radio and expected Speaking Of Faith, this is quite the change. Even if these very popular shows bring in some additional listeners in the early afternoon, I suspect that there will be a net loss as those listeners won’t listen to the same two hour block three times per weekend while people who looked forward to an afternoon of thoughtful programming will look elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong I think Car Talk and Wait Wait are fantastic programs, but if I miss their time slots, I will catch the podcast on my own time.

    I will continue to listen to Speaking On Faith, Living on Earth, Marketplace Money and Radiolab but sadly it won’t be through WBUR because it isn’t an option.

  • Fred Taylor

    I enjoy all of the programs that you air on weekends, but the only two that I consistently try to schedule into my day are Speaking of Faith and Living on Earth. They have much more depth than the rest of the programs, which are mostly just entertainment. Thankfully I can stream both of them to fit my schedule, but it is a shame if other listeners will not be able to share your most thought-provoking programs.

  • Lori

    Our household is very disappointed with the schedule changes. My husband is a big fan of Speaking of Faith and thinks it a travesty to have it on so early in the morning. I would agree with those who said it made a nice follow-on to the Marsh Chapel service. For me the loss of Marketplace Money and the ridiculous repetition of programs are egregious, as is dropping the repeat of the first hour of Scott Simon. I often find myself catching up with Car Talk and Wait, Wait on Sunday evenings if I didn’t catch all of those programs on Saturday, but it seems like they are on all the time now. It’s just too much of the same thing. With most of the shows running at least twice, I have a feeling I will be listening a lot less because there just isn’t that much to listen to now.

  • Richard

    I can only echo the extreme disappointment being aired here. You have taken interesting programming and thrown it away or put it on when few are around to hear it, only to replace these quality shows with repeats of shows that should only air once or twice max. You are driving me (and ? others) to the atlernate public radio stations in Boston. I sincerely suggest you restore what you have removed and put whoever is responsible for these changes in charge of something else that has nothing to do with content!

  • Emily R

    Please bring back the old schedule…you may not realize this but some of us listen to NPR all weekend long…which now means we are listening to the SAME episode of Wait, Wait 4 TIMES in the same weekend!!! Two times was bad enough, not to mention repeats of Car Talk (ugh)and Only a Game. This is crazy. You will be moving me to WGBH if you don’t watch out, and I am a donating listerner 8 years running. Bring back hour 3 of weekend edition saturday, please!!!!!

  • Ruth Hamburg

    I can only echo the comments of others here– please reconsider the weekend scheduling changes. I can only imagine that this is a response to the programming changes at WGBH, but I believe both stations have ignored the actual interests of their listeners. Speaking of Faith was one of my favorite programs on ‘BUR (as was From the Top on ‘GBH), and is now prohibitively early. I see no need to repeat programs as many as four times throughout the weekend, at the expense of other, quality programming. I hope that you will adjust the schedule, in response to the obvious sentiments of your listeners and supporters. Thank you!

  • Eric

    This blows.

  • Nancy Ammerman

    I’m willing to give the Saturday line-up a try, although lunch with “Wait Wait” had become quite a tradition. But losing Speaking of Faith in the noon Sunday slot is a huge disappointment. I really really don’t need another hour of Car Talk by that point in the weekend, and I will rarely, if ever, hear that wonderful hour of SOF you have now buried at 6:00 in the morning. What a travesty.

  • Kathleen Sweadner

    WBUR and WGBH are not taking seriously their commitment to serve the public when they double-up (present the same programming at the same time). Now this aspect is worse than ever. Wait Wait is my favorite show, but having it four times (plus a double on GBH) is a waste of a valuable resource. Bring back Scott Simon; reverse the timing mistakes for popular programs; give radio time to underserved music types; and above all, coordinate with GBH.

  • Disgruntled Listener

    seriously? Radio lab is a big loss. Where is the Moth? Studio 360, hello. All the more reason I will not pledge this year but rather give $ directly to the shows I support. Thankfully there are podcasts.

  • Dismayed

    NO re. so much Wait Wait…. – what were you thinking? I am assuming that fundraising is driving much of this, but surely there is a negative effect on fundraising by listeners leaving the station. I myself will be lingering on another station on the weekends, for starters.
    Speaking of Faith is a truly remarkable program (spoken by a secular listener). I was shocked to find that it has been moved to such a isolated place (and Wait Wait .. has been so elevated). Even Only a Game has a more elevated spot (on Sat.) than Speaking of Faith. I also only tolerate the Marsh Chapel program, but I assume that your connection to BU requires that you keep that program – but why not move it to late on Sun. night, etc.
    Money Marketplace – I will definitely look for that elsewhere. It is very useful and interesting.

  • Roger

    No more Moth?!? Now I dislike “Wait, Wait” even more.

  • Aly S.

    I’m joining the chorus of people disappointed to see lack of variety in the new weekend schedule. I have no qualms about most of the time shifts, but I am discouraged that in my prime weekend listening hours, I heard the same segment of Wait, Wait… three times. I enjoy Speaking of Faith and Living on Earth and would love to be able to hear them when I’m not trying to sleep. I know depth and breadth are your pride as a station; could we get a little breadth back, please?

  • Christina Gleason

    I have to echo many of the comments here.

    My boyfriend and I listen to the radio all weekend, and with all the ridiculous repeats, I’m feeling much more inclined to change the station or turn it off completely. I’ve supported WBUR since I moved to Boston and I really hope that it was money well-spent. Please heed the outcry! Listener support depends on us and, sadly, you’ve let us down.

  • David Hruby

    I agree with most of the points other people have made. And I agree with the person who suggests eliminating Con Salsa and using that time slot for the repeats of other programs. Don’t salsa listeners have more dedicated outlets elsewhere?

  • Marsha Jacobson

    I am increasingly disappointed with WBUR. The recent changes at WGBH are fabulous and I’ve just moved my year-end donation to them and to a station that produces one of my favorite shows. The WBUR repeats send me elsewhere. This holds for weekdays as well as weekends. Way too much On Point, only one hour of Diane Rehm, and at an inconvenient hour. Little reason to listen on weekends now. I’ve turned elsewhere during Con Salsa forever. Now the whole weekend is less, not more, interesting.

  • Bronwen Murphy

    “Speaking of Faith” was my favorite show on WBUR. The one show I really made a effort to catch. Moving it to 6am on Sunday morning is as good as dropping it completely.I don’t want to put down shows that other people like, but why run “Wait Wait” more than once? I just shake my head.

  • R Danca

    One more reason to hate the Saturday changes: NO newscasts/headlines between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. because you’re running Car Talk and This American Life back to back — and neither one sets aside time for NPR news.

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