In Response To Feedback, WBUR Revises Weekend Schedule

Dear WBUR listeners,

This last weekend we made a number of changes to our program line-up. We received a response that speaks to the loyalty and passion of so many of you for our programs.

Some of you liked the changes, but a great number of you have written to us about the lack of variety in the new line-up. It turns out that when it comes to programs like Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me and Car Talk, there can be too much of a good thing!

This coming weekend we will return Speaking Of Faith to Sundays at 12 noon and Marketplace Money to Sundays at 1 p.m.

» View the newly revised schedule

Thank you all for being such loyal listeners and caring so much about the station and programs. We appreciate your feedback. We are constantly striving to bring you the best combination of programming possible, and in a schedule that suits as many of you as possible.


Sam Fleming
Managing Director, News & Programs

Anna Bensted
Assistant Program Director

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  • Michael Anthony

    Thanks for the re-revision. I value Speaking of Faith greatly, and 6 in the morning is NOT a convenient time to hear it!

  • Rob

    Thank you!!! I got on the site, ready to join the masses of angry listeners, only to be pleasantly surprised to see that you returned Speaking of Faith to a wonderful spot. My only wish… that Living on Earth was a bit later, but I guess there’re always the PodCasts… :-)

    Thank you for listening to us loyal WBUR listeners and members – I’m one!

  • Miro

    It was very nice to have Whadya Know and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me back to back in the middle of the day on Saturday. Now the fun is broken up into isolated segments of the day. We will miss Whadya Know, but I suppose we can download their podcasts if we think of it (http://www.notmuch.com/). In the future you might explain what is being changed and why – is this a budgetary issue, or is there some other reason? Transparency and forthrightness builds trust and good will.

  • Jake

    Is it possible for WBUR to start carrying The Splendid Table? Would that be a good show to play in place of one of the three reaming WWDTM’s? I love WWDTM, but we don’t get The Splendid Table at all.

  • MLB

    I felt your weekend programming choices were completely nutty, but am pleased to see you responded to listener feedback and fixed some of the redundancy. But what happened to the Moth?! I was so pleased when you added the Moth. Now it’s gone – what a loss.

  • Marie Glenn

    Thank you for listening to your listeners! While you’re at it, could you please unwind the rest of the scheduling changes and bring back the 10am Scott Simon sloth and The Moth.

  • Mark

    I am pleased to see public radio responding to listener input so quickly and directly! Makes me proud to be a member.

  • Tom R

    I love “Wait, Wait” but I really miss the third hour of Scott Simon on Saturday. PLEASE bring it back!

  • John

    Personally, I was glad to see both Speaking of Faith and Marketplace Money dumped from the Sunday schedule; I always turn the dial whenever either of these programs comes on. Neither do I wish to hear Car Talk yet another time — but given all the programs available through NPR and PRI, couldn’t something else have been found? Why are the choices so limited?

  • Doug

    Thank you for the revisions. I’m glad you brought Speaking of Faith back. I’d rather see the Marsh Chapel service dropped before you move or drop SOF again. SOF covers a range of topics rather than one point of view. I also vote for the Moth, and Radio Lab which seems to have disappeared. No need for 3 Wait Waits over the weekend.

  • http://oddfellowstudios.com Shava Nerad

    I hope all you folks missing The Moth are aware that you can get their podcast. Remember, if you download and listen to a podcast, it’s free — but if WBUR spends money to *air* The Moth, that’s less money for the news — unless you give more.

    I find myself listening to WBUR more and more *just* for local, NPR, and BBC news — and listening to what else I’d like to hear, when I like it, via podcast (usually on my computer, but sometimes on my smartphone).

    These days, for those of us who are wired, we have an insane and unmanageable amount of flex in our media consumption. If you have the flex, don’t put the fire under WBUR — they need the money for reporting staff! Local news done intelligently is something that, increasingly, we can’t get reliably many other places.

    Who ever thought that the public radio model would outlast the ad-supported model of newsroom support?

  • Jeff

    Please dump all religious programming. There is enough irrationality and superstition in your programming and in U.S. society in general. Don’t make it worse by propagating religious mythology.

  • emob

    Thank you for listening. While I may not agree with all of your programming choices, I appreciate the restoration of Marketplace Money.

  • Teri Motley

    I am adding my voice to the support for Scott Simon. Please bring him back! I listen to WBUR whenever I am home, and I leave it on all night in a pillow speaker, I am that addicted. I only turn it off when Con Salsa comes on. I know that there are devotees of this type of music out there, but I wonder if they are up between 11PM and 5AM. Maybe you could put an hour or so of salsa at a more reasonable hour, and do some of the repeats in the wee hours. I have been a loyal supporter of WBUR for 10 years, but I am now living in NH where I get both WBUR and NHPR, which has more varied programming. I have to say, I am turning to NHPR more and more. Whatever happened to Public Radio as a source of interesting, off-beat, imaginative programming? You are heading toward being as tightly formatted as an Adult Contemporary commercial station.
    Whew! I had to get that off my chest. I am so glad that you restored some of the programs. Let’s see some of the others come back!

  • Keith

    How about having the world on for an hour in the evening segment between 4 and 6.30 rather than repeating the news!

  • jonas

    I thoughtscott simon and his neo-lib/con nonsense and his enabling of government idiots was worse than shopping mall muzak but wait, wait? How about trying something new for government radio, like news, or alternative points of view?

    How about at least giving the tappit bros another show? Or another hour? They at least are entertaining and informative.

  • Diane

    I listen to WBUR all day, every day. So, variety is key. I was so thrilled when you added The Moth. Why did you get rid of it?

  • k

    Another vote to bring back The Moth please! The podcasts are only ~15 long, not the full hour from the radio show!

  • J.R.

    Since schedule issues are being discussed…

    Please drop the 2-hour repeat of On Point weekday evenings and replace it with The World and perhaps the other hour of the Diane Rehm show or something else not already broadcast earlier in the day.

    And I’ll add my voice to those asking you to drop the religious stuff at weekends, too.

    Thanks from a long-time member/supporter.

  • PL

    Thanks very much for revising the schedule. I will be pledging again. As a member who usually pledges multiple hundreds of dollars a year, I was logging to say that I would not be pledging while the weekend line-up remained so redundant. I thought it completely incongruent to praise listeners’ intelligence and thirst for news during fund raising, then turn around and have FOUR broadcasts of “Wait, Wait” over a single weekend.

    Since many responses have dealt with “Speaking of Faith”, I’ll weigh in on that specifically. I consider that show’s topics to be like any indepth discussion of issues important to the world’s news. It’s speaks of religion and faith, but doesn’t preach them. Even for Humanists who consider most religions, “supernaturalism”, the show offers insightful conversation.

  • lf

    I, too, am discouraged with the inclusion of the Marsh Chapel service. Speaking of Faith is a great way to include religion, but the service is a bit too doctrinal for NPR. If we include it, we should include a temple service, mosque service, bahai service, etc etc etc… The choice itself is a bit of a statement (even though it bills itself as multi-faith).

  • Sarah

    Thank you for adding “Speaking of Faith” back to the weekend line-up! And I agree that the two-hour repeat of “On Point” during the weekdays could be replaced by another show. Thanks for listening to your listeners!

  • LAurie Wodin

    Please continue to repeat On Point at night. People who work during the day (most everyone, I suspect) can’t hear this great show. Repeating it at night is important to keeping us up on the wonderful topics it explores.

    I agree on too much Wait, Wait. It’s my favorite show show, but it’s overkill.
    I would also appreciate Living on Earth not being buried at 7A.M. It’s an important show that needs your support to flourish.

    How can we hear What d’ya Know? It hasn’t been on here for years!

  • Jaspreet

    I, too, echo the sentiment of getting rid of Marsh Chapel service. While it is multi-faith, the focus is on western religious which is not inclusive. Also, I second the motion for having Splendid Table.

  • Tom

    I concur with adding The Splendid Table (though I don’t know where). My wife loves the show. Also, I’m disappointed with two of the Saturday changes 1) that Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (our favorite show) isn’t on at 12 after Car Talk, and 2) This American Life isn’t at 3PM (it’s been there for years). Is it possible to put Whatdaya Know on at 10AM and Wait Wait back at noon?

  • Beverly Cawley

    I usually listen to WBUR all day, every day and I’ve always found your weekend line-up a little dull. This American Life’s constant irony schtick gets on my nerves and Speaking of Faith is better than an Ambien when I want to take a nap.
    But nothing, absolutely nothing! works my puke-o-meter like RadioLab. The inane repetitions and disjointed cutaways give me the spins. Make it go away!

  • Melissa Avigail

    I cannot believe that you have changed Ira Glass to noon. This is never a time I am even listening. I am dismayed by this schedule change. It does not reflect my listening pleasure at all.

  • Tvarness

    This is an old post – but is anyone in favor of the Marsh Chapel service? As others have pointed out its not fully inclusive and I always shut off the radio when it comes on and frequently miss other shows because of it. If I wanted to be at a worship service I would be and not at home listening to the radio. Please give us some news or information instead.

  • Hannahanson9

    On the Table is sorely missed!!!!! This amature “who’s song, long, corney storey” is an elementary school grade quiz show.    

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