Senate Roundup: Globe Picks Coakley, Dems Get Nervous, Brown Brigade Rallies

BOSTON — The Boston Globe editorial board on Wednesday endorsed Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley for Senate.

Globe endorsement: Martha Coakley for Senate

Thoughtful and empirical, (Coakley) views issues like a lawyer building a case. She promises hard work and no illusions. And in some cases, that means scaling back the ambition of government programs to carefully monitor what works and what doesn’t. Like the consumer-protection lawyer she is, she looks for measurable results.


Affable in person, Brown nonetheless seeks to be a terminator, stopping the Democratic domestic agenda in its tracks.

Meanwhile, the Dems are upset with what they say is Coakley on cruise control — seeming to coast through the general campaign as the presumed winner. (WBUR had at first declared Coakley’s primary victory as “her ticket to the seat.” Now WBUR calls Brown a “true contender.”)

That appears to have left Coakley vulnerable to a Brown campaign emboldened by a strong debate performance Monday, much national attention and an infusion of cash. In the most recent Rasmussen poll, Brown is trailing Coakley by two points with a margin of error of plus-or-minus 4.5 percent.

That may explain a surprise e-mail blast Wednesday from Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the late senator’s widow, asking Coakley’s supporters to contribute.

We have just 6 days to do the hard work of electing Martha Coakley so that we can continue the agenda that Ted made the fight of his life [...] That fight for working families cannot stop – not now, not when so much is at stake for Massachusetts and America.

Meanwhile, the Coakley campaign brings former President Bill Clinton to Boston on Friday. The Associated Press reported President Obama won’t be campaigning on Coakley’s behalf, despite rumors to the contrary.

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  • bill

    lock up your wives and daughters bubbas coming to town

  • Intrepid Albatross

    It says a lot when someone runs negative ads for weeks then complains once his opponent runs a negative ad as if he has been on the high road this whole time, gets his daughters on the air to defend him (who is going to argue or bad-mouth someone’s daughters?), claims the seat is not Ted Kennedy’s but morphs himself from JFK into himself in an ad, claims to be for independent thinking while voting 96% with Republicans, and goes off of the expertise of being a male model.

    Scott Brown would be a terrible mistake for the state and the country!

    Vote Coakley!!!!!!

  • bill

    albatross….brown running negative ads??..Which ones?…..No that would be our failed AG and you must be a moonbat….Martha lets criminals run free, leaves innocent people in jail, mean while persecuting women in garden clubs further she couldn’t run a lemonade stand. To any non-moonbat she is unprepared and incapable of being Senator.

    Vote Scott Brown

  • Walter Morgan

    They way Coakley railroaded the innocent Gerald Amirault into three more years of prison time is more than enough reason to vote Scott Brown. Come on, Massachusetts, get a clue!

  • UnfrozenCavemanTaxpayer

    Coakley’s poll numbers may be in free-fall, but she insists that “The lurkers support me in e-mail.”

  • shep

    The complete control of one party doesn’t allow equal choice for our government. Locally or nationally both parties have destroyed our economy, our reputation, and they have lost their way. But it’s vitally important that we do not allow the status quo to continue. I work every week 60 hours, I haven’t received a raise in 5 years, I pay for my own healthcare, I try to cut and budget, but expenses keep growing, and growing and growing. Bailouts, stimulus and a health care programs that have more unfair exemptions and pork in it, haven’t and wont’ benefit my family and me, we are the Middle class! When will our leaders realize it’s about the people? A vote for Brown is about the change to not have one party in charge, it hasn’t worked for a while, and probably never will.

  • noislamocommie



  • Janine Vazza

    Martha Coakley is the most obnoxious, cold, entitled woman I have ever seen!
    I wouldn’t vote for her IF I was a Democrat!!!

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