Snowfall Totals Continue To Rise As Blizzard Whips Through Mass.

After the storm, Boston's snowfall accumulation is expected to pass the 16-inch mark. (AP)

BOSTON — Snow accumulation totals continue to climb as the nor’easter brings high-wind gusts and heavy bands of snow across the New England region.

A blizzard warning is in effect for eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island until noon, and another 2 to 5 inches of snow is expected to blanket the state on Monday. The winds and heavy snow will taper off to flurries in the afternoon.

Here’s a look at the projected total snowfall accumulation in parts of Massachusetts:

  • Amherst- 3.0
  • Boston- 16.5 inches
  • Cape and Islands- under 12 inches
  • Foxboro-11.5 inches
  • Framingham- 9.6 inches
  • Gloucester-6.5
  • Springfield- 2.8 inches
  • Taunton- 16.7 inches
  • Worcester- 9.5 inches
  • Do you have a Snow Day? How much snow did your town get? Tell us in the comments .


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  • Wayne Meyer

    What is all the hoopla about Global Warming. If we had Global Warming would we not have all this snow and cold weather. They are a bunch of idiots. Global warming is not here they need to check the cyclical nature of weather as reported by NOAA

  • Jeremy M

    Wayne Meyer:

    Please, educate yourself. Snow does not mean global warming is a myth. There have been many articles on the subject as of late. Google “global warming snow” and find out for yourself.

  • Heatmizer

    The earth will be around alot longer than humans will….Its pretty egotistical to think we can destroy earth ourselves…global warming is a scam for some to make alot of money..dont drink the kool-aid!

  • Anne Smith

    I really think it absolutely unbeleivable people still believe global warming is a myth. Where have you been ? Look around.

  • chris

    Extreme weather conditions are attributable to a rise in global temperature. Including cold, precipitation. Global warming is not the same as “weather warming”.

  • http://yahoo Becky Hassellof

    I don’t believe in Global Waming I believe in God getting us ready for Armgedden.

  • William Coats

    Yeah I think Global Warming is a cause but still in the end the day is coming and jesus will return to earth… the bible has versus predicting the outcomes and they are coming true and its leading up and leading up to the end get in touch with jesus armagedon is coming soon these patterns and concerns and just how messed up the world is today money is key money is power god doesnt care if your rich or dirt we put to much emphasis on stupid things now that i have gotten off subject i agree 100% with Becky

    • Caligti4

      lets be real, global warming is a little more practical then that fantasy

    • Kerrycat

      seriously? armageddon? Really? Uhmmmm I ok. (btw its “armageddon” not armgedden”) If you are going to challenge science, please at least seem educated about it. I can now not have an open mind to this nonsense you speak of.

  • PJC

    Global Warming is the earths natural way of cycling the energy provided by the sun, without which there would be no source of warming. the cycles of warming are pleanty and global warmest know this. The attempt to hijack nature for environmental gains is noble at its core but only drives non-environmentalist to believe you are all corrupt. Stop using warming cycles as the crutch for the environment, start coming up with economic solutions (we all can afford) and non-conformist will be onboard, otherwise it will be a lost cause when the cycles turn against the theory and the finger pointing will start. We all need clean energy but we can only have it through research and econimic reality. If you do not believe this try, telling the Chinese to stop burning coal, or try telling a family teatering on the brink of econimic disaster that they need to pay double current costs for heat or gas or fuel for their car or food for the table. These are the realities we need to address.

    Without a common econimic ground for a solution both sides of the argument are wrong.

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