Elizabeth Warren Enters Mass. Senate Race

WASHINGTON — Consumer advocate and Democrat Elizabeth Warren will enter the Massachusetts Senate primary for a shot at challenging incumbent Republican Scott Brown for his seat.

Elizabeth Warren (AP)

Warren will formally declare she’s running on Wednesday, Kyle Sullivan, a Warren spokesman, said. She plans to greet commuters in Boston and make other stops during the day: New Bedford, Framingham, Worcester and Springfield.

“The pressures on middle-class families are worse than ever, but it is the big corporations that get their way in Washington,” Warren said in a statement released to The Associated Press Tuesday. “I want to change that. I will work my heart out to earn the trust of the people of Massachusetts.”

Democrats have been seeking a major challenger for the seat long held by the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

A WBUR poll, released last week, had Warren as the closest potential challenger to Brown, with the Democrat garnering 35 percent of 500 likely voters, compared to the incumbent’s 44 percent.

Forty-four percent of the poll’s respondents had never heard of Warren, compared to 5 percent of respondents who had never heard of Brown.

Warren, 62, is a Harvard Law professor tapped by President Obama last year to set up a new consumer protection agency, but congressional Republicans opposed her becoming the director.

Supporters say her image as a crusader against well-heeled Wall Street interests and her national profile will give her candidacy muscle, though she’s never run for political office.

Warren joins a crowded primary field but was heavily courted to join the race. Other Democrats already announced include Setti Warren (no relation to Elizabeth), the first-term Newton mayor and the state’s first popularly elected black mayor; City Year youth program co-founder Alan Khazei; immigration attorney Marisa DeFranco; state Rep. Tom Conroy; engineer Herb Robinson; and Robert Massie, who unsuccessfully ran for lieutenant governor.

With reporting by The Associated Press and the WBUR Newsroom

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  • Anonymous

    Go Liz – we working class Americans need someon like you to stand up for us and up against those who would deny us access to the American Dream

  • RickieC

    I am very pleased to see that someone I believe is intelligent and has great credibility has decided to challenge the current seat holder.  I sincerely hope that her common roots, intelligence and experience can replace Mr. Brown’s unreliable promises to represent real people in Massachusetts.

  • bob

    I heard her on NPR when she was investigating credit card companies. She discovered some companies would add extra fees, the card holder would complain, the company would say it was a mistake and tell then they would correct it, they wouldn’t correct it, the cardholder would have to keep calling back to eventualy get the fee removed. Some people would give up and just pay the fee. It was a calculated game the companiew would use to generate more cash for their stock. Can u imagine any of the slimes in government even caring about this outside of bernie Sanders?  Ever hear Scott Brown talk about tstuff lke this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Fraud-Carry/687622744 Jon Fraud Carry

    Seriously, people. She is the epitome of a hypocrite. Consumer advocate? She worked for the Obama administration doling out TARP money. The stench of crony capitalism surrounds her and the corruption of financial bailouts of Goldman Sachs, AIG, Bank America. Who the hell thinks she cares about anyone outside of her multi-millionaire friends?  

    • Anonymous

      When you actually have facts to back up your baseless lies, please come back and enlighten us. As it is, you are are talking out of your……

  • Tuesdaynext

    So happy!!!! This made my day. Elizabeth Warren is one of
    the few people that actually speaks the truth. When everyone else was trying to
    snow us over on the wall street deals she went on the daily show and told us
    what was really going on. When was the last time someone actually told us about
    the backroom deals and then explained what it would mean? I can not wait to
    vote for her. I have a 4 month old and with the state of the union as it is
    some days it is very hard to deal with the reality my little guy is going to
    have to shoulder if we don’t start working to fix this country. I think her
    bumper sticker should be “Warren
    for Senate Because you are Not a corporation”. And if I hear another
    republican try the old ivory tower crap and Scott Brown has a red pick up
    truck, I will let my baby vomit on them. Elizabeth
    if all it takes to win a senate seat is to have an old car, I have an old Honda
    civic two door with a baby seat you can borrow.  Yes I can not afford a 4
    door and I work full time as well as my husband, this is the state of our union
    and we are considered lucky. That is why we all need to vote for Warren.

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