Elizabeth Warren: ‘For Me, It’s All About Middle-Class Families’

Elizabeth Warren (AP)

Elizabeth Warren (AP)

BOSTON — The field of Democrats hoping to unseat incumbent Sen. Scott Brown added a new contender Wednesday. After months of speculation, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren is jumping into the race.

“For me, it’s all about middle-class families,” Warren said in a Wednesday interview on Morning Edition. “For a generation now, the middle class has been squeezed, slipped back, hammered. And it seems to me that nobody in Washington really gets it.

“Washington is well-wired for big corporations that can hire armies of lobbyists. But it’s not working very well for middle-class families, and that’s what I care about.”

Some analysts have said Warren’s name recognition could be a problem for her. But Warren said the way to counter that is to continue meeting with people in the commonwealth — something she’s been doing recently and plans to ramp up in the 14 months leading up to the election.

“I will work my heart out for this. This is something I care about,” Warren said.

“I grew up on the ragged edge of the middle class and I’ve spent my whole life working for middle-class families, so you better believe over the next 14 months I’ll be out there meeting every single person in the commonwealth that I can.”


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  • Tuesdaynext

    So happy!!!! This made my day. Elizabeth Warren is one of
    the few people that actually speaks the truth. When everyone else was trying to
    snow us over on the wall street deals she went on the daily show and told us
    what was really going on. When was the last time someone actually told us about
    the backroom deals and then explained what it would mean? I can not wait to
    vote for her. I have a 4 month old and with the state of the union as it is
    some days it is very hard to deal with the reality my little guy is going to
    have to shoulder if we don’t start working to fix this country. I think her
    bumper sticker should be “Warren
    for Senate Because you are Not a corporation”. And if I hear another
    republican try the old ivory tower crap and Scott Brown has a red pick up
    truck, I will let my baby vomit on them. Elizabeth
    if all it takes to win a senate seat is to have an old car, I have an old Honda
    civic two door with a baby seat you can borrow.  Yes I can not afford a 4
    door and I work full time as well as my husband, this is the state of our union
    and we are considered lucky. That is why we all need to vote for Warren.

  • Neena

    Great new! The words coming out of Elizabeth Warren’s mouth are music to our ears. If only, Washington could hear her. She is the right candidate at the right time to swing the pendulum from oligarchy to democracy again. Thank you, Elizabeth! Go for it!

  • janesoutham

    A phony, lying fraud. 

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