Frankly Speaking: A Collection Of Barney’s One-Liners

Rep. Barney Frank has been a member of Congress since 1981. (AP)

BOSTON — During his 16 terms in Congress, Rep. Barney Frank developed a reputation for his “10,000 golden quotes,” as one CNN Economy reporter put it.

We’re compiling a list of Frank’s best one-liners. You can share your favorite Frank quotes in the comments section.

With reporting from WBUR’s Martha Bebinger.

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  • Jim

    ” Anyone who tells you they enjoy running in a campaign for public office is either crazy or lying to you.”  BF

  • another Jim

    “The Republicans idea of  ‘right to life’ begins at conception and ends at birth”
     -  BF

  • Morganbuckingham

    When asked what was his favorite Boston building he replied,”I’m from Bayonne, NJ; it all looks good to me.”

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