Slideshow: Occupy Boston Eviction

The following images were taken early Saturday morning as more than 100 police officers descended on Dewey Square to evict the Occupy Boston protesters.


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  • Anonymous

    So what’s been added to society over two months of occupation?
    I mean, besides the seven figure bill to Boston’s budget for municipal services?

  • bill


    We cannot expect Occupy to bear immediate fruit in terms of tangible policy changes. Two months is not all that long to go from nonexistence to a national movement. And considering the movement is pushing against 30+ years of financialization and class-power consolidation, it will take time to undo. Occupy is a long-term political project and this is merely the beginning. It’s not over because the camp is gone.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IU3AXKHVKOJ644EKYCYU7DRNPY ADOLF

    These Occupy Boston Prosters don’t need to spend 24 hours a day camping out. There are a lot of jobs no one wants to do and these Occupy Boston Protesters should do all those jobs no one wants to do and earn some money; such as, cleaning, elderly care, child care, cooking, food service, maintance and landscaping.

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