Does Romney’s Bain Experience Qualify Him For The White House?

BOSTON — Mitt Romney’s business record with Boston-based Bain Capital remains under scrutiny on the presidential campaign trail.

This week, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden both took aim at Romney’s leadership of the private equity firm. They say it doesn’t qualify him to lead the country, but Romney says his financial experience proves he’s worthy of the White House.

WBUR’s political analysts, Democrat Dan Payne and Republican Todd Domke, joined WBUR’s Morning Edition to decipher the debate.

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    I would love to have NPR delve deeper, and invite people to the table to have a discussion from different points of view.

    The  middle class, small business owner of that mom and pop business that no longer exists, the community representative who is affected by the closing of that small mom and pop business and its associated repercussions on money flow through the local community, the young people who no longer have community based mentors to help them jump start their careers, the wage earner/s working in that box store created from assimilation of the mom and pop business, corporate leaders who provide leadership to those box stores, and an equity business representative who provides income growth to investors…would all be great to have at the table for that “in depth analysis”.

    I am not hearing anything about today’s workers making minimum wages and low wages with inadequate benefits and tough working conditions in today’s corporate environment vs what existed in the “old” economy. If you look you may find insight into the 99%.

    Do we no longer have retail, small business workers who make upper lower and middle class wages? Is it an industry with still the same amount of money flowing through, it is just flowing in a different direction?

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    What has happened to independent pharmacies and what is happening to community hospitals. Are our community hospitals the next dinosaurs, eaten up by equity firms? Ask the Massachusetts nurses association.

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