Painting Obama In Black And White

President Obama in Ohio in 2012 (AP)

President Obama in Ohio in 2012 (AP)

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Heidi Wys, an adviser to Puerto Rico’s most powerful female lawmaker sent a tweet to President Barack Obama urging him to buy the first lady a double-banana sundae “and take her to your homeland, Kenya!” (Read the full story here)

In fact, President Obama was born in Hawaii. This is one of many insulting, racist comments the president has had to endure.

From Birth To Donald

Barack Obama’s hand was barely off the inaugural Bible when the “birthers” began trying to delegitimize his right to be president by demanding to see his birth certificate. This continued through his first three and a half years, climaxed by Donald Trump’s publicity drive. Offensive as it was, Obama finally released his long-form birth certificate, but not before he poked fun at Trump as he sat in the audience at a Washington press corps dinner.

“No one is happier to put this birth certificate matter to rest than ‘The Donald,’ ” Obama said. “That’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. Like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?”

Food Stamps

Obama was repeatedly called “the best food stamp president in American history” by the former speaker of the U.S. House. (Memo to Newt Gingrich: there were more people on food stamps when George W. Bush was president.)

Lest you think Gingrich wasn’t talking about race, he said, “I will go to the NAACP convention and tell the African-American community why they should demand paychecks instead of food stamps.”

Not American

Former White House chief of staff for President Bush Senior and major Romney spinner John Sununu recently declared the president was ignorant of what it means to be an America. Himself an Arab born in Havana, Sununu declared that the president “has to learn how to be an American.” He apologized — to Wolf Blitzer, not Barack Obama.

Beneath Contempt

No modern president has had “You lie!” hurled at him during the State of the Union speech by a member of Congress, a Republican. Or had a justice of the Supreme Court question his commitment to enforcing the law and protecting our borders, as Antonin Scalia did.

Or have the chief federal judge in Montana, Richard Ceball, forward an email to friends that contained a disgusting joke about President Obama’s mother! Ceball was appointed by President George W. Bush.

Web Of Lies

A group that tracks racist attacks on the Internet has found Obama has been “portrayed as a shoeshine man, an Islamic terrorist and a chimp… The image of his altered face has been shown on a [fake] product called Obama Waffles in the manner of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. Marilyn Davenport, an elected official in the Republican Party of Orange County, Calif., circulated an email depicting Obama and his parents as chimps.”

From Hitler To Tour Guide

No president has ever been compared publicly to Hitler, let alone by a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. Rush Limbaugh said the Obama health care plan is “right out of Adolph Hitler’s playbook.” He also said that“if Obama weren’t black, he’d be a tour guide in Honolulu.”

Dan Payne is WBUR’s Democratic analyst. For more political commentary, go to our Payne & Domke page.

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  • Charles keyes

    Obama is worst president in US history. He needs to be deported back to hell where he belongs!

    • Oziblu

      Hey Charles, that’s a line driven by pure Satanic hatred. America was not made great by the likes of you.

    • Steelergirl43

      you need to go with him when he goes then for saying something like that!!!

    • Wdihtbs

       Thanks Chuck.  You’ve answered the question of where the ignorant racist comments come from.  Hopefully you’re not married and have not spawned children who can spread and spew your poison for generations to come.

  • Pfkpancho

    In fact, nothing. Mr. Payne has no way of knowing where Obama was really born.  And the allegation that he was not, has nothing to do with race.  It takes an ignorant and superficial liberal to make such a comment.

  • Sam Sewell

    have a question for my readers.  If the
    ineligibility movement was not scoring significant victories why would the
    Democratic Party and Obama’s supporters be trying so hard to silence the issue?  Why not encourage the legal establishment to
    rule on the evidence and the law, rather than avoiding the facts?  Why not encourage the Supreme Court to rule,
    rather than evade?  Why not encourage a
    public open discussion of the ineligibility issue?  Why not have public debates on national
    television?  Why not release the many
    documents that reveal Obama’s history? 
    Why not give millions of citizens the information they want?  Or,
    why not simply ignore it?  Why
    indeed?  I know why.  The “birthers” are winning and Obama can’t
    afford to give them any more ammunition!


    Obama Ineligibility Movement is Winning


  • Lolcat

    As one of the most ‘powerful’ countries in the world I do
    not see why there are so many uneducated, ignorant & just plainly
    racist Americans who fail to see that the economic crisis’s cogs were in motion
    long before Obama took office and there was NOTHING that he or anyone else
    could have done to stop what was happening. I also fail to see why people think
    ‘Obama-care’ is a bad thing for America – How can you class yourself as a
    first-world country when you will not care for the sick and injured when they
    are in desperate need and do not have the money to cover medical bills. I fail
    to see why people are so wrapped up in where he was born and not what he has
    done for America. Then again, most of the world sees many parts of America as mostly
    an ignorant, overweight, red neck, backwards country and to me that’s the
    people who don’t like Obama. The racist, backwards rednecks as well as the very
    very rich.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67MZCOUXFSLOM257CRHBKW4AL4 wareinparis

      Well said! It will take more than four years to clean up the mess left by the previous administration. The most obstructionist Congress ever is not helping much either.

      Shame on the folks who claim to be patriotic Americans, but who don’t want to include the less fortunate among us in access to health care.

      The people who claim to want to restore America might want to think a bit about what they wish for. At what point in the history of our country were they really so much better off?

      If they think it is so bad here, then go somewhere else for a while. At least here you can speak your mind without fear of government reprisal. You can have a gun, even if you should not. You can cast your ballot in secret. You can worship as you please, or not at all. We enjoy the ability to travel and to move from one place to another. Our stores are well-stocked with a wide variety of nearly everything imaginable. World class health care is available to us. We are secure from unreasonable search and seizure in our homes. Obama has done nothing to take any of this away. He has only worked to make all of this more secure for all, including the ignorant and narrow minded people who make his job harder.

  • susan

    What a bunch of gutless garbage. The left can’t get any lower.

  • Wdihtbs

    Susan. Garbage aside, without the “left” we wouldn’t have social security. Without the “left, we wouldn’t have the civil rights act. Without the “left” YOU would not have equal rights. Without the “left” YOU (assuming you’re a woman) would not have access to the health care women need. All of these things opposed for the last 60 plus years by your enlightened republican party. Garbage? We’ve been forced to smell the fetid lies and exaggerations of your friends and elected officials for four years now. Enough!!!

  • Lynnman1

    Is it possible that we could have a discussion about a person without assuming everything you say is racist.   Is it possible that people are not as racist as you seemed to assume and actually have issues with the President’s positions? 
    Questioning someone’s qualifications is not racist.
    Questioning the broadening of entitlement programs is not racist – especially when they can, for many, create a crushing culture of dependency and assult on dignity.
    Questioning someone’s ideas that are opposite of what America is all about is not racist.
    Questioning someone’s honesty when he constantly misleads is not racist.
    Calling someone Hitler is not racist – it may be ugly and misguided but so are many of the policies being proposed or mandated.
    How does the first black president get treated like an American citizen and human being if you keep dragging everything done to the color of someone’s skin – which has nothing to do with his character, ideas, integrity and ability to lead. 

    • RealityBitesU

       Lynnman1-You are so full of crap, didn’t you read the article? I guess not. Watermelon patches depictions and Uncle Ben caricatures are policy driven statements and critiques I suppose in your feeble twisted mind.

      • Lynnman1

        Hey reality.  I did not say that there have not been individuals launching vular and inappropriate slurs at the president.   As I remember the viciousness launched against W was pretty vicous but my point was that you cannot generalize the sentiment based on those examples or you could do this all day for anyone.  I think the vast majority of Americans have treated President Obama as a person and not a black person – except for this author and yourself, I guess.

  • RealityBitesU

    Watermelon eating , looks like Aunt Jemima or Uncle Ben, etc., etc., and some clown Republican says “Oh, its about policies” we’re not racist neanderthals. When you make racist comments you are a racist … and ofttimes a hypocrite like Sununu. Mark Twain said that, Racist humor was just one step above barnyard noises.  But I guess the Republican party is just playing to its base, except the racists are just being manipulated by the big money creeps who really are the only ones who benefit from a Republican victory. No one else comes out ahead.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T5E33I5KEK52FZAQUO5L6HND4E Herewe Goagain

    Well, its a fact that the Justice Dept  isn’t endforcing the law, so why is that on your list?

  • Gas

     “and take her to your homeland, Kenya!” was referring to this..

    “No president has ever been compared publicly to Hitler…”
    You can refute this lie yourself simply by googling Bushhitler. Click on Images for a SPECIAL TREAT!!!

  • Jason Everich

    George W Bush was compared to Nazis by George Soros.

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